Review: Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

Last week I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to sample some products from Australian cosmetics brand Ere Perez. I recently discoverd this brand whilst browsing Beautyhaven and love the fact that the cosmetics are all natural. The brand is named after Mexican born founder Ere Perez who was inspired by her family to create her natural makeup range in Australia. Her aim was to create cosmetics that were practical and contain organic natural ingredients for an easy 3 step look to make women glow in a matter of seconds. This reflects my own makeup style as I love the natural look using as few products as possible and in a short amount of time!

Ere Perez Natural cosmetics

“Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian owned company, we pride ourselves in supplying healthy natural make up that suits every skin type. We carefully select our ingredients such as oils, plant extracts and minerals and blend them with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective, quick and easy natural make up solution.”

I was sent 3 products to sample: Ere Perez Rosehip Oil Lipbar in Hope; Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek and Lip balm in Happy and Ere Perez Natural Tinted Rice Powder in My Blush.

Ere Perez Rosehip Oil Lipbar in Hope:

Ere Perez Natural Rosehip Lipbar in Hope

I was most interested and excited to try the Rosehip Oil Lipbars. They’re tinted lipsticks with organic Rosehip oil and also have SPF 15 – a must in sunny Australia. They are also vegan and cruelty free which is fantastic. I received Hope which is a purple tinted lipbar. When I opened the lipstick I thought “Whoa this is bright!” but of course it’s a tint and therefore it gives you a nice tint of colour only. Hope donates funds to Mission Mexico – giving hope to orphan children.

Ere Perez Natural Rosehip Lipbar in Hope swatch

I absolutely love this lipbar!! It comes packaged in a lipstick but it feels like a lip balm in texture. I looooove lipbalms but this takes it one step higher. It was lovely and moisturising but with no oily or sticky effect as you might expect as it’s made from Rosehip oil. It glided on and gave me just the slightest hint of purple colour with a glossy look, perfect for everyday use to achieve the "my lips but better" look. The packaging of Ere Perez products is simple and clean and I wish it was actually packaged in a lipbalm stick as it would be even MORE convenient for me =p

* Packaging – lipstick packaging elegant and convient
* Very moisturising
* Lasts for hours
* Gives you a lovely hint of colour

* I cannot find fault with this product. Only that it should be available in more mainstream stores!

Will I repurchase?: DEFINITELY. I want to try their most popular colour Nude and also Life next.

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek and Lip balm in Happy:

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek & Lip balm in Happy

This is a 2 in 1 balm containing olive oil, candelilla wax, avocado and carrot (daucus carota sativa) oil that can be used as a lip tint or as a cream blush for cheeks. It's packaged in a little compact so is perfect for on the go, but the lid of mine was a little loose and closed rather loosely unfortunately. It's also waterproof and fragrance free, vegan and certified cruelty free too.

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek & Lip balm in Happy 2

I received Happy which is a deep earthy red colour. It's very pigmented so it's best to build up the intensity. I'm still a noob at applying cream blush so please excuse my crappy application in the photo below but even I could apply this on my cheeks very easily! I used my fingers and dotted it onto my cheeks and then blended away. It blended quite easily and gave me a lovely pinkish flushed glow.

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek & Lip balm in Happy cheek swatch

Using it as a lip tint is a little difficult. With lip products I like to be able to scoop into the product and grab enough in 1 to 2 goes to cover my whole lip. To apply it on the lips you need to dip back in a number of times to get enough to cover your whole lips. No big deal, but it just takes a little longer to apply it that's all.

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek & Lip balm in Happy lip swatch with gloss

I found Happy to be a little dark on me as a lip tint as I'm quite pale so I didn't really like the balm alone on my lips. So I added some clear lipgloss which toned it down and suited me a lot more! Pic above is with clear gloss added. It would look great paired with neutral eyes for a night out.

* Easy to blend on the cheeks
* Colour is very pigmented - you can build up the intensity of the colour
* Gives a lovely flushed look without much effort or product
* Waterproof - lasts the day

* A little dark for my skintone
* Hard to get the product out to apply on the lips - need to dip back in multiple times
* Lid on the compact was loose

Will I repurchase?: Happy will last me a loooong time so there's no need for me to repurchase for a while. I actually find the colour a little dark to use on my lips so I would love to try the balm in Harmless which is more suited to pale skins.

Ere Perez Natural Tinted Rice Powder in My Blush:

Ere Perez Natural Tinted Rice Powder in My Blush

The Natural Tinted Rice Powder is a great all in 1 product with SPF 15 made from rice powder that can be used as a bronzer, eyeshadow, highlighter or blush. It's free from chemicals and is vegan and cruelty free also.

Ere Perez Natural Tinted Rice Powder in My Blush 2

It comes packaged in a compact with a mirror which is very handy and contains 2 shades. I received the rice powder in My Blush which are neutral shades. They are pigmented even though they look quite light in the compact. I prefer pinky/coral/rose colours for blush so I used it as a bronzer and it gave my face a nice healthy glow with. As a blush, the lighter shade didn't show up much on me so you can blend the colours together and it applies smoothly.

Ere Perez Natural Tinted Rice Powder in My Blush swatch

* Packaging is handy - compact and comes with a mirror
* Pigmented
* Applies smoothly
* Multi-use product - great for travelling!
* Great as a bronzer - gave me a nice healthy glow
* Perfect to create a "natural" health look

* Colour is a little subtle as a blush - I needed to blend the colours together

Will I repurchase?: I already have a few bronzers which are similar in colour which I haven't finished yet, so I would not purchase this particular shade again until I finished my others. I would be very interested in trying the Rose Tones shade though as I'm an absolute sucker for those shades.

Overall, I really enjoyed using these products. I love the fact that they are Aussie owned and are fragrance and chemical free. Plus they're certified cruetly free - each product "has not been tested on animals just family and friends"! My favourite without a doubt is the Rosehip Oil Lipbars, they are just awesome! I want to purchase the other colours and also try out their new Natural Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint.

Thank you to Karla from Ere Perez for providing me with these products to sample! All the products can be purchased from Ere Perez website. For a full list of stockists check out the website.

I was sent these products to sample but this in no way influenced my review in any way. All my reviews are my 100% honest opinion.


  1. I want the lipstick/balm product! It looks amazing!!!

  2. It looks interesting! I like that blush (^_^)

  3. @Sana: It's a great product! It's veeeery pigmented so you don't need much product at all and it's just so handy because it does 2 things. If only the colour was a little lighter!

    @Becky: Glad you like the look of it! It's a great blush that =)

    @Dhini: I agree!

    @Chris: The products are really nice, I'm so glad I got to try them!

  4. nice cosmetics detail in blogs.i like this.Basically wrinkles appear due to growing age. Apart from that there are many a reasons due to which premature wrinkles appear on your face or skin.natural cosmetics

  5. It looks amazing. I will surely gift my wife this Sunday all these products so we can enjoy our one week holiday in a great way.

  6. I love Ere Perez! The range looks great, its affordable and instead of ruining your skin like normal make up does, this actually enhances and improves your skin and facial features. The Almond Mascara has made my lashes longer and thicker over time!


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