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Hi ladies. Apologies for being late in replying to comments and the like, this week has been stressful. I got a new (old) Iphone this week from the boy (yay!) and I was trying to get my contacts from my old phone onto my laptop when I suddenly lost everything on my laptop. Photos, documents.. EVERYTHING just disappeared into thin air. I absolutely freaked out!!!! >.< And I had no idea how it happened either, I didn't even do anything! It wouldn't have been a problem if I had backed everything up but of course I stupidly hadn't. I kept meaning to buy an external hard drive but never got around to it and of course I paid the ultimate price.

I was absolutely sh**ing myself so bad because the boy (who is an IT guru) couldn't guarantee he could recover anything let alone everything because he had no idea how it happened. Most devastating was the thought of having lost all my photos, especially the ones of my grandparents and family in HK and also all my uni work. Everything else is replaceable but photos aren't.

Luckily he's managed to recover most of my documents but the photos are incomplete. The boy is still working on recovering my stuff and then he's going to rebuild my laptop. It looks like I'll be without a comp until the weekend at the very least boo! Everything is a mess and it's going to take me ages to sort through all my documents when I do get it back and get my laptop back to the way I like it so I'll be MIA for a little while. Plus I've barely touched my uni work and I have class next Friday and Saturday =(

Moral of the story? Backup your documents ladies!!! Hope you're all having a much better week than I am!

I'll be back to normal blogging very soon hopefully!! =)


  1. awww 'Chelle' thats terrible.
    Hope he recover all your lost pics.
    Sorry to hear.
    Grrr technology sometimes ;)
    Good luck!!!
    ♥ Bev

  2. Sorry to hear that and I am glad that your bf was able to recover almost everything. I agree, photos are not replaceable. I have never backed up anything in the past. Maybe I should because I do not want this to happen to me.

  3. Sorry to hear about that!! It's terrible when computers malfunction :(

    Every 5 - 6 months one of our computers breaks down to the point that we have to run special programs to recover everything... we've probably been through at least 4 computers in the last 2 years. (All of them have been really old models so they're cheap.) I got so sick of losing my documents that now I hardly ever save anything just on the computer... I always try to upload it somewhere else too like Google Docs or Mediafire.

    Computers can be a pain sometimes!!! They freak out on you for no reason! I hope everything gets recovered though :)

  4. Oh I'm sorry... I hope that your BF will recover your stuff... I'm kinda lazy in this:I make a phone backup every 6 months (:P) but I save all my pc documents in an extrernal harddisk...

  5. Aw 'Chelle. Electronics are not dependable! Right when you're leaving with that new phone or laptop from the store, 6 months later there is gonna be a better one out there!

    Don't worry! take some time to relax and relieve your stress. We will be here waiting for you! :)

  6. So sorry to hear that :( Wish you best of luck getting that repaired and recovered!


  7. ah, this happened to me recently! i lost about 8 months of nail photos, but more importantly YEARS of family photos. and i have an external hard drive. i thought DH was USING IT. apparently NOT!

  8. Oh noes! I hope that you get everything back in order soon and that despite having uni over the weekend you manage to squeeze in a little R&R *hugs to u*

  9. OMG. I just realised something. Something crazy. That I can't believe it hasn't even struck me until now. I would never have thought of this if not for her mentioning it today. That her sister had accumulated 200 np in 6 months. OMG. And your name. 'Chelle. A nurse.

    ^^ I shall now explain. Her computer died a couple of days ago. She was telling me yesterday that her sister's boyfriend, the IT guy, was going to try and recover everything. Except today she said it was all corrupted.

    Your computer has died. And you have an IT boyfriend. And you wanted to get your sister a Coach purse for her 18th.

    That's what made me realise and have my epiphany minutes ago and go "OMG!"

    And now I think about it, she was mentioning yesterday that she might get her sis' older phone. Since her sis was getting her bf's iPhone.

    And she got macarons for her birthday.

    YOU'RE MEL'S SIS! (I really hope that she doesn't mind that I'm revealing her name on a public domain.)

    Or should I ask, "ARE you Mel's older sis?" I know her! In fact, I'm [pretty] good friends with her!

    OMG, please don't tell her that me, one of her friends is following you. NP blogs are a guilty pleasure for me! It would be so embarrassing! And you know how ungirly Mel is and how sarcastic she is, she'd make some awful embarrassing comment to me! D:

    We were actually talking about you yesterday and my other friend was just saying that you had lovely nails, since long nails aren't always pretty and elegant. ;)

    Anyway! Wow. Strange discovery. And slightly awkward now. That you know my secret and I'm a follower, and you might meet me one day through her and then it would be really awkward!

    But I'm sorry about the crash, but I still can't get over this. Strange. :O

  10. Wait, by talking about you yesterday, I mean today. Sorry, my mind is jumbled by the discovery. I was just wondering with the Coach purse post the other day what a coincidence it was you wanted to get your sis a Coach purse and my friend was possibly getting one from her older sis.

    But I'll still follow you, don't worry. :) It's still slightly awkward.

    Even more so since Mel never mentioned that you had a blog. So it never occurred to me until now. But I'm sure she's looked at your blog quite a bit, since now I think about it, she talks about whatever may have happened on a God-given day that you also post about.

  11. You also mention your sis so little that I didn't realise. She's very rarely referred to! And I haven't been following you long enough to see the really old post which said she was starting year 12 exams etc etc.

    Also, looking up references to her (to verify my epiphany) has made me realise exactly how long I've been following you. Longer than I thought! Months and months! Since about April, or something! :O

    Please don't tell her! (about me, especially since I use my real name!)

  12. This happened to me and my friend as well... and what's ironic about it is that we both study computers in university...

    BTW, I just gave you an award on my blog! Come check it out! Hope it will cheer you up a bit :)

  13. Oh no, dear, that is horrible.
    Thank goodness your darling is an IT guru, I hope he manages to recover everything for you in the end.

  14. @Bev: Thank you for your kind thoughts =) He didn't manage to recover everything unfortunately but it's better than nothing. Technology is really giving me the sh*ts at the moment!

    @PetiteLittleGirl: Definitely back your computer up! I wouldn't wish the stress of losing all your documents on anyone! >.<

    @Deanna: Thanks for your sweet words Deanna. Wow 4 computers in 2 years is crazy! I'm annoyed because my last laptop lasted 4years until it decided to go haywire when I've only had this laptop for maybe about a year or even less. Computers are DEFINITELY a pain in the a**!

  15. @Alice: I don't normally do phone backup but I was trying to transfer my contacts onto my new phone quickly. I should have just done it the long way! I am now going to back up my documents on a hard drive just like you =)

    @Alice: Awww thank you so much for your support Alice!! =) Yeah electronics are not dependable yet we rely on them so much these days. I'm a bit OCD and I have to have things "just so" when it comes to my comp so the messiness of the recovered stuff is stressing me out argh.

    @Steph: Thanks Steph! Everything couldn't be recovered but at least I have some stuff.

  16. @Jess: OH NO that is terrible!! I'm sorry to hear that, all your lovely family photos =(

    @MissKitty: Thank you for bringing a smile to my face my dear! How are you doing these days?

  17. @Joan: WHOA what a small world!!!!! Six degrees of separation to say the least lol. How crazy is it that you know my sis!! Ahhhh it's not embarassing at all. Nail polish is awesome and you shouldn't be ashamed! =)

    Don't worry I won't say anything to my sis, I'm sure she doesn't care anyway haha. She only reads my actual post to proof read it for me but apart from that she doesn't care much for it!

    @*~ JuLiAnnE ~*: Lol oh no! I hope you could fix it yourselves in the end . Thank you for the award hun! =D

    @Christina: Yes I am very lucky that he is very patient and willing to fix my computer for me! He didn't manage to recover everything but it's much better than nothing. It's taught me a very valuable lesson to back everything up!


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