Plaid nails manicure

Hi ladies!
Here is my attempt at plaid nails inspired by the lovely Asami's plaid nail tutorial . Asami always has the prettiest nail designs and her tutorials are fantastic! I love the look of plaid and these nails are so cute and perfect for winter. My version is nowhere as neat as Asami's unfortunately =( But I gave it my best shot!

Plaid nails 1

I used Catrice London's Weather Forecast which I got in my awesome swap with Inge as the base. This is no ordinary grey polish! It's a lovely dark grey with silver shimmer, perfect for winter and should be renamed Sydney's weather forecast for the day because of the weather here at the moment - wet, grey and dreary! Application was OK, if I had been more careful I probably could have gotten away with 1 thick coat. Below is 2 thinnish coats without topcoat. I find the Catrice brushes decent to use but I tend to be a little more careful when applying the polish. Drying time was very good!

Catrice London's Weather Forecast

I used BYS Black Satin to paint a big stripe for each nail and then used Kiss striping polish in white (read my review here) to do the thin stripes. The mani also matched my work clothes today which was totally unintentional!

Plaid nails 2

What do you think? Thanks for looking! =D


  1. I think your nails look awesome! I love the Catrice polish, it looks really lovely. Definitely lemming some of them now!

    Funny that you posted this design up today; I was actually going to do it too except I suddenly realised I had heaps of Uni readings to do and slapped on some Sportsgirl polish instead ^^.


  2. Great nails!! you must have extremely steady hands!

  3. this is really nice...
    yea, u sure have very steady hands..=)

  4. Very cool Chelle, and it IS very neat!
    BTW, Nubar 2010 is the same as HT! I think Nailphile did a post on it and they look exactly the same.

  5. This turned out so good! I love plaid anything and a mani takes it one step further. I may have to try this when it cools down~!

  6. This looks so, so, so super cute on you! I love it! Thank you very much for the shout-out too. :-)

    I love that "London's Weather Forecast," absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Fabulous work. Free hand too! AWESOME!

  8. looks so cool!! :D and i love the London's Weather Forecast!! such a beautiful grey!

  9. so pretty!
    hey, you're on my blogroll. please add me too if you like my blog!

  10. Great design!

  11. This polish looks great on you, glad you like it. It could also be named Dutch Weather Forecast, but then you should draw some freehand drops of water on it also ;-)

  12. You're so talented. That's gorgeous

  13. great design 'chelle :)
    great colour combo too.
    thanks for sharing
    ♥ Bev

  14. You don't call this neat? Lol! This is awesome! I love it!


  15. Love love the nails, you should try a Burberry look next time?

  16. cool! love it.. wanna try it too hehehe

  17. @shazzii: Thank you so much! Great minds think alike ;) Hope uni isn't too busy for you and that you get to try the design out soon! I'd love to see yours =) You make me want to try the sportsgirl polishes out btw!

    @Penelope and yokeMun: You are very kind ladies =) my hands are pretty steady, it's needed to be a nurse sometimes!

    @Carli: I'm a perfectionist, I have to have things just so even with manis lol. Oh yes I think I remember seeing that comparison.. thanks for letting me know! I am definitely trying out that combo for myself soon =D

  18. @Freshie: Thanks Freshie! I love plaid myself too, there's just something so chic abour it! Definitely try out the design yourself =)

    @Ping: I'm very glad you like it!

    @Asami: Thank you for the inspiration Asami! I'm glad you like it! I really want to try out the Nailene skinny tip pen actually, it looks so neat and easy to use. My striping polish is sort of hard to control after a while =S

  19. @Chris: Awwww you make me blush Chris! I do it freehand because I'm lazy haha.

    @Salisha: Thank you so much!

    @Nikki: It's even prettier in real life because you can see the subtle shimmer in it, it's a great polish =)

  20. @maRyya and Becky: Thank you so much ladies =)

    @Inge: Thank you so much for adding it to my collection Inge! It is such a gorgeous grey polish =D LOL next time I will freehand water drops!

    @Ansa: Thank you for the kind compliment! Asami has wonderful nail designs that I just have to try myself hehe.

  21. @Gaby: Glad you like it Gaby!

    @Bev: I got the wonderful idea from Asami and I just had to try it for myself =)

    @Nur: Lol it's because it's a small pic so you don't see all the messy lines! Thanks for the lovely compliment hun! =D

    @Meme: Oh great idea Meme! I'll have to hunt down a nice beige colour for the base as I don't have one as yet. Nice to hear from you!

    @Mui Stylelicious: Glad you like it! Definitely try it out for yourself =)

  22. I love it! I saw the tutorial too but I am so wary of drawing lines, I always fail horribly. You did a fabulous job though, it turned out amazing <3

  23. whoa, that is so precise! And i really like it, gorgeous catrice polish :)

    check my blog :)

  24. @Christina: Awwww thank you so much for the confidence boost! My lines were nowhere near perfect but from far away it looks ok =p

    @sabbatha: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! Thank you for stopping by and commenting also =)

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  26. Oh man this is way too cute!!! I love it!!!

  27. @Ena: Awww thanks Ena!! I'm glad you like it =) plaid (tartan I guess for us Aussies) is just so cute!

  28. Hey I tried that one too ! :)
    It looks super cute on you, good job !
    Xx. S


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