H & M Hello Kitty Cool Summer NOTD

I decided to try out H & M Hello Kitty polish in Cool Summer which I got in my swap from Monika as a quick NOTD .

Cool Summer is a purple glitter polish with blue, purple and silver glitter in it. Don't you just love the bottle shape?? I know I do! And it's Hello Kitty too so another big tick! I love how Hello Kitty is giving the peace sign on the pic on the bottle LOL.


The polish is quite sheer so I did 3 coats (pictured above) for opacity. The brush isn't the easiest to use as it's a little.. floppy I guess and can leave bald spots if you don't work fast. It dried quite quickly and to a semi-matte finish. The finish is a little gritty because of the glitter so it's probably good to use a thick topcoat like Seche Vite to get it smooth, but my bottle needs replacing so I used 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat instead.

It's a very cute purple glitter polish and I don't have others like it so I'm very happy to add it to my collection! I didn't get time to stamp otherwise I would have stamped Hello Kitty of course =p

Thanks for looking =)


  1. It looks adorable!! :D
    the kitty stamp would really fit nicely :P

  2. That is one pretty polish bottle! And yes, a HK stamp would have touched up the manicure nicely :).

    Oh, and I tagged you in a post of mine~ http://polishinfatuated.blogspot.com/2010/08/tag-ehaul.html

  3. that's so pretty. i search the H&Ms in my area for this one!

  4. I like this! I love Sanrio. :-)

  5. It looks exactly like ChG Flying Dragon, but a bit grittier!

  6. YAY! i don't know if you listened to my comment or if we are on the same wavelength, but i love this polish! it is super fun, so pretty with topcoat!

  7. awww what a cuteee hello kitty stamp on it :D

  8. yay super cute! the color looks great on your hand.. =)

  9. Awwh, for Hello Kitty nail polish I expected pink.
    I totally shrieked when Isaw the Hello Kitty polish in the swap!
    The bottle reminds me of Ciate?

  10. I LOVE this polish color and I love that its Hello Kitty. Looks awesome.

  11. !!! i want this now.. this is super pretty

  12. It's such a pretty colour. I love all the colourful glitter in it :D

  13. It's such a pretty color and it's Hello Kitty!!! Woot :D Looks great!!


  14. too bad its a little sheer. the color is gorgeous and of course having the kitty face is always a plus :P

  15. wooa both the swatches and the packaging are so cute~

  16. this is so summery and glittery!!

  17. Very cute! I like how grape looking the purple is. Reminds me of grape juice!

  18. @Monika: Next time I use it I will definitely stamp Hello Kitty =D Thanks for sending me this gorgeous polish!

    @shazzii: Thank you for tagging me!

    @Enamel Girl: I hope you find it, it's definitely one to get if you can.

    @Asami: Me too! The characters they have are just too cute!

    @Carli: Now that you mention it I totally agree. The grittiness of the polish is one of the things I don't like so much about this polish but it's worth it!

    @jbrobeck: I wanted to try this out already and then after reading your comment I definitely had to try it first =D

  19. @ipehishere: I agree!

    @Mae: Thank you Mae!

    @AnnKiins: Yes you would think pink wouldn't you! I shrieked too when I opened up the package lol. Hmmm I don't have any Ciate polishes myself so can't compare but in the pics I've seen the Ciate bottles seem a little smaller..?

    @Chris: Yep gotta love Hello Kitty ;) Now I want more to add to my collection!

    @Pretty & Lily Nail: Thanks ladies!

  20. @Cel: The colourful glitter is the highlight of this polish!

    @Steph: Thanks Steph! =)

    @Winnie: The polish wasn't as sheer as some others so it wasn't too big a deal. The Hello Kitty factor made it ok =p

    @Kim Hye Rin: Glad you like it Kim. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    @Smita: I'll definitely be wearing this colour when the weather warms up!

    @Alice: Thanks Alice!


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