Elianto Thistle double bow NOTD

Hi ladies!!
My NOTD today is using wearing Elianto Colour Lacquer in Thistle which I received in my fantastic swap with Nikki.

Thistle is a beautiful pale lilac that looks almost pastel pink in some lighting. It is absolutely bloody beautiful!!! It makes my hands look super white or something and I can't get enough of the colour! It was hard to capture the lilac in it though unfortunately so the pic below looks more pinkish.
Application is pretty good - the brush is a good size and easy to work with, requiring very minimal cleanup. The formula like with most pale shades is a little streaky on so I did a thin 1st coat followed by a slightly thicker 2nd coat. Below is 2 beautiful coats without topcoat and it dried to a high glossy finish.

Elianto Colour Lacquer Thistle

I konaded full nail design from Konad plate m79 using China Glaze Devotion. I then added the double bows from Fauxnad plate B09 (identical to Konad plate m3) using Konad Princess Polish in Violet Pearl.


Hope you like it! Here are some bonus pics of breakfast at Ikea I had a while ago but never got around to posting. You all know my love for all things Ikea! I'm constantly bugging the boy to go to Ikea for breakfast because it's just so cheap and cheerful. The hot breakfast is only $2.95!!! It used to be only $2 but it's still an absolute bargain, it would probably cost more to make yourself =p

Hot breakfast:

Cinnamon scroll and bread roll:

The boys coffee (with unlimited refills):

I also wanted to thank you all for the wonderful and positive response to my last post about my nail storage =) I'm glad you liked seeing my little nail area and storage! It's nice that I may have inspired some of you to tidy up your nail stash and given you some ideas on how to store your image plates and polishes =) I'm just a neat freak who HAS to have things organised just so and am by no means an expert!

I'm always on the look out for interesting ideas so I'd love to see your storage ideas too! If you come across a great idea or do a post yourself, leave me some link love in the comments of the previous post =) Also, if you have any requests shoot me an email or leave me a comment in any of my posts and I'll try my best.

Hope you all are having a good start to the week! Don't forget to enter my 200 followers giveaway here!


  1. Wow! Now I feel like using my Thistle. :) They really look good on you! I love the konading and the choice of colors you used. :D Oh!! and the breakfast at Ikea!! *motuhwatering!*

  2. That is the best pale pink color I've ever seen. I really want a bottle now.

  3. I tagged you to have fun with these 8 questions I ask you! let me know when it's done as ur updated blog entry, thank u


    PS. Take your time

  4. This is so pretty. I still haven't figured out how to layer Konad. I like you choice of colors!

  5. Oh wow. What a nice color! I want every NOTD you posted :) LOL..The food looks yummy too
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  6. I love the manicure, it's so cute :D
    Omg you should never post food pics when a hungry Greek is around. Now I wanna eat all those things XD

  7. Wow I love this colour, it's absolutely beautiful!!!!

  8. Hey
    very nice nail design ^_^
    i love your blog
    visit mine if you have time

  9. @Nikki: Thank you so much for sending me the polish and for your sweet compliment =) This is seriously one of my favourite polishes! I wore it for 3 whole days until it began to chip - love it!

    @Lauren E: It's less pink and more lilac in real life actually, gorgeous!

    @Ping: It's such a lovely colour =)

    @Ronnie: Thank you for tagging me Ronnie!

  10. @Enamel Girl: I'm glad you like it! I just stamp whatever I'm in the mood for and hope it turns out ok! Many a time it hasn't though haha.

    @Lily nail: Thank you Lily!

    @PetiteLittleGirl: Thank you for the kind words =) I'm very lucky to have met so many lovely bloggers who love to swap!

  11. @Cel: Awww glad you like it! Lol sorry to make you hungry!

    @Ena: Thank you Ena! It's such a gorgeous colour, one of my favourites =)

    @maRyya: Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoy my blog =)

  12. i added you to my blogroll.
    if you don't mind, please put me on yours too :)

  13. I love color and desing nails :D


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