Claire's Mood polish in Awesome/Silly

Hi ladies!
My plaid nails manicure got me so much attention at work which was so funny. Nearly all the patients commented on them and my favourite was that "they look grouse!" which is Aussie slang for great or terrific haha. Even the male registrars were like "What's up with your nails??" and they can be pretty unobservant and caught up in their own world at the best of times! One of my colleagues actually thought I had gotten bored at work and used liquid paper to draw the white lines to decorate my nails!! HAHA. That's the fun of working in a hospital with all sorts of people =p

Anyway, my nails have finally grown out a little so I decided to try out Claire's Mood polish in Awesome/Silly which I got in my swap with Chris from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes! I've been lemming these ever since I saw them swatched on nail blogs and I was so excited to receive them from Chris and to finally give it a go myself! I used to love mood rings as a kid so what could be cooler than mood polish??!!

Awesome/Silly is dark pink and light pink colour combination with a tiny bit of shimmer through it. I found the formula a little streaky on the 1st 2 coats so I used 3 coats to even it out. I got some little bald spots too which are more obvious in the Silly pic. It dries to a semi-matte finish so the drying time was very quick. The pics below are 3 coats topped with a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat.

Awesome (when cold):

The colour changes:

Silly (when warm):

I love both the colours and I couldn't stop staring at my nails today! The colour change is just so awesome. I didn't find the formula that easy to use (maybe it was from travelling in the post?) but I don't care because this is THE coolest polish!!

I'm currently (slowly) tallying up the results of my 200 followers giveaway - please give me some time as work has had me totally exhausted this week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for looking as always =)


  1. I so want one of these mood polishes!

  2. so cute
    pass by my blog if you have time and follow me
    i'm having a giveaway ^_^

  3. It looks amazing. With the heat here it would be silly all the time as even in the fridge I wouldn't be able to get the other colour to appear. And your plaid nails, I am still flaily over them, they looked really fab <3

  4. Lovely, I need to get some too!

  5. 'chelle your nails looks fantastic as usual! How do you get the polish near your cuticles so neat? Also what top coat do you recommend as my nails always seem to chip very quickly. Thanks 'chelle :)

  6. Mood polish! :D The pink looks really flattering on you.

    Oh, and I don't think I've actually heard of 'grouse' before lol. Maybe I should go out some more? XD

  7. That's incredible. I want one of these too =)

  8. I really really really want this nail varnish! Great post x

  9. Awwwwwwww so cute! Both color are amazing. :)

  10. This looks sooo cool!
    I have been visiting so many Claire´s Shops recently, but none of them had these nailpolishes. Aren´t they available anymore and in which countries are they available anyway?

  11. Amazing!
    I want to try these nail polishes!

  12. that's so beautiful on you! now i hate i didn't swoop this on up. i thought it would be to light but it's really pretty.

  13. ooohhh I want some of this mood polish...looks and sounds totally cool.

    Thats awesome that everyone loved you previous nails and nice to hear ppl say they look grouse!! I ahve not heard that word in years lol.
    ♥ Bev

  14. I love the first pink :)


  15. Of course you got comments on your plaid nails! You did such a great job! I would have commented on them if I was working with you! hehe.

    Wow! a mood polish! how awesome is that! I have to go and get me some now!

  16. Prettyyy pinkkk color ^^
    hehe love it :D

  17. i love it! that color would look bomb on my toes :)

  18. I'm so glad you like this and it looks awesome. I do the same thing when I wear my mood polish, stare at my nails all the time to see where they're at in colors.

    I'm not into pinks so I never bought this one for myself...but my guess is it sounds like calm/wild in a lot of ways. Calm/wild was the only one with a shimmer from the original(first) release of mood polish and it is thick to apply and easily streaky. Often times it takes 3 coats to get good coverage. It might be travel, but I'm guessing not and a little bit of thinner should help out that thickness. At least I hope its just the polish and the others come out fine. I do notice that my others are a bit thinner than my calm/, (sorry this is so long) you might expect calm/wild to be thick too. :( I think its still worth the application pita tho. :)

  19. hey
    when will you announce the winner of the giveaway?

  20. @Asami: These are so awesome to play with! Definitely pick some up if you can!

    @maRyya: Yes I'm following you!

    @Cel: Lol it's been mainly Awesome here because it's still pretty cold (but starting to warm up a teeny bit!) but turns Silly when I go in to the warmth. Awwww you are so sweet, I'm glad you liked my plaid nails! Sorry to make you go flaily hehe.

  21. @Tara: Definitely get some to try out yourself Tara!! If I lived in the States I would have bought all of them by now =p

    @Mae: Glad you like it Mae! Pink is one of my fave colours =)

  22. @Michelle: Thank you for the very kind comment Michelle!!

    I paint my nails very similar to how Michèle from lacquerized shows in her "How I paint my nails" tutorial:
    And because I like to keep my nails short, I also tend to use the Slimline technique as shown by All Lacquered Up:

    I currently use Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat and it's fantastic! I find I only get chips about day 3 or 4 (with very heavy use day 3) and tipwear is very minimal. I used to use Seche Vite but my bottle is really thick now and the shrinkage was an absolute killer even though I loved the drying time.

    I hope that helped you a little! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it =)

  23. @shazzii: Anything mood is just so awesome! Grouse is a very ocker word, I'm totally not surprised you haven't heard of it LOL. My patients are mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds and they tend to use lots of Aussie slang much to my amusement =D

    @Leslie and How To Be Perfect: Glad you ladies like it! Hope you can try it out for yourselves sometime! Thanks for commenting =)

    @Ivana: I think I prefer Silly but both are lovely in person.

  24. @sanmec: I'm not too sure where you can purchase these from except the States unfortunately =(

    @Becky and Just Cake Girl: They are definitely something eh ladies! They make you just want to stare at your nails all day long =p

    @Enamel Girl: Awww thanks hun! Both the colours are really nice pinks, swoop it up if you can definitely!

  25. @Bev: Oh you must get your hands on it! From ebay or a swap or something - you must! It's just such an awesome polish. LOL yeah I haven't heard grouse in a while too!

    @Salisha: Glad you like it =)

    @Alice: Thanks Alice =D Yes go and get some for yourself now!! My faves are Awesome/Silly and Calm/Wild ;)

    @ipehishere: Glad you like it hun!

  26. @Marisol: Ooooh it would be so awesome as a pedi in Summer! Especially going in and out of the pool or something hehe.

    @Chris: Thank you so much for fulfilling this lemming for me! The polishes are just too cool =D
    Thanks for the tip with the thinner! Too bad I didn't read your comment until AFTER I actually swatched them all which I'll post up shortly. Wouldn't ya know Calm/Wild was actually the easiest of the 5 to apply! How strange is that lol. It only needed 2 coats while the others needed 3. But yeah totally agree, definitely worth the application PITA!!!

  27. Lovely...I want to have some


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