Barry M Strawberry Icecream glitter manicure

Today I have for you my first Barry M Nail Paint given to me by the sweet and generous Christina from Cel's blog in our recent swap =) I've wanted to try these for soooo long but never got a chance to purchase any.

I feel like girlie colours at the moment so I decided to try Barry M Strawberry Icecream. Strawberry Icecream is a gorgeous candy pink pastel. It is such a gorgeous girlie pink and I absolutely love it!! You all know I love my pink shades lol. Like every other pastel pink I know it was a little streaky to apply but it wasn't overly difficult compared to others I own. I used 3 coats (pictured below) for an opaque finish and it dried to a glossy finish.

Strawberry Icecream

I then stamped the swirly design from Konad plate m36 using Konad Princess Polish in white and topped it with a coat of Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Iridescent Glitter which I also received from Christina. Pink Iridescent Glitter is cute multicoloured glitter suspended in a pink base. It's quite subtle with only 1 coat which is what I was after and it actually toned down the pink of Strawberry Icecream.


For the Aussie ladies, Barry M Nail Paints can actually be purchased from Crush Cosmetics or Glover Pharmacy in Galeries Victoria Sydney (more expensive at the pharmacy but you get to see the colours for yourself). I'm so so lucky to have received them in my swap with Christina, it's always so much more special trying things for the first time when someone has given them to you!

Do you own any Barry M Nail Paints? What other colours would you recommend? I want MORE!

Thanks for looking! =D


  1. I don't have any Barry M nail varnishes but have noticed they do colours near identical to some chanel colours which is great.

    I love this colour, I'm a sucker for foodie named nail varnishes, my fav at the mo is OPI Dim Sum Plum x

  2. LOVE the Barry M colour!!!! And your nail design is pretty too...

  3. I like pastel pinks but a lot of them are difficult to apply. I've not yet tried Barry M, but from what I've seen they have a nice selection of colors and yes, some of them are very close to Chanel colors, which is awesome.

  4. Ooh, I love that stamping! I don't have that plate but I really like that design.

  5. Love the color its, Gorgeous.. where can you get Barry M Nail Paints in Sydney? just move to aus so i don't know where to buy it from...

  6. @How To Be Perfect: I love anything related to food lol. Oh yes Dim Sum Plum is one of my faves! It's such a pretty colour!

    @Jule: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it =)

    @Ping: They are just such a pain to apply, I wonder why? I agree, they have such a great selection of colours and the bottles are cute too!

  7. @Asami: Thanks Asami! I used this design for the 1st time last week on a workmate and I loved how it turned out so had to use it on myself =p

    @Sup and Bella: You can get Barry M Nail Paints from Glover Pharmacy in Galeries Victoria or online from Crush Cosmetics. The info and links is in the last paragraph of my post above already =) Hope that helps.

    @Dhini: Glad you like it!

  8. thats a SUPER cute pink!~ and the stamp just adds extra cuteness!

  9. I just did these nails two days ago and its a wonder we did the same design without the Konad.

    I have a whole Barry M collection <3

    My favourites are:

    Berry I/C, a gorgeous pale purple.
    Also a part of the Summer collection.

    Shocking Pink, a bright/hot pink.

    Mushroom, a dark brown. Its one of the new ones as well! 8)

    I'm wanting Mint Green but I'm saving up for that.

  10. I love this color!!! The name is so yummy as well!

  11. Aww, I really want a konad set! I have been loving Barry M recently. As well as the 2 you used, I have berry icecream which is a nice lilac (I just did a blog post on it), blueberry ice cream, mint green, and a limited edition one that was on offer in Boots over here, which is a darker lilac.

    Anna x

  12. Thank you for Following <3
    The pastel baby pink looks so adorable! I think i'll get one too! I have a coral colour from Barry M, they also do a dark midnight blue similar to the one i reviewed on my blog, that would be a nice colour to get =) xX

  13. Such a cute colour!
    I wanted to purchase some of the more pastel colours and Pink Flamingo has been on my lemming list for the longest time!
    Though I think they are expensive for the size!

    But I do own one Barry M colour in NAVY!

  14. thanks for visit my blog!!!!

  15. I wasn't sure whether you knew that you could get these at Glover Pharmacy, and I was going to tell you, but you already knew! I happened to walk past it on my way to Westfield a couple of weeks ago and noticed it, but sadly I didn't have nearly enough money with me to get any. :(

  16. OMG!!! It's soooo cute!!! :) I'd like to have both of them! :P

  17. The color is just perfect!!! =)

  18. The nail design is really nice :3

  19. @Katrina: It's a very sweet colour =) Thanks Katrina!

    @AnnKiin's: Ohhhhh I'm envious! The colours look lovely on you btw. Berry I/C is on my wishlist!

    @Mae: It's definitely a gorgeous pink =)

  20. @Sarah B: It's definitely one of my favourite pinks! It made me feel like strawberry icecream =p

    @Anna: Konading is so awesome, definitely try it out yourself! The colours you have are lovely, I'd love to see the darker lilac.

    @PinkOrchids: Awwww you're welcome, your blog is great!! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to keep my eye out for the blue.

  21. @Serena: It's such a gorgeous pink =) Hmmmm yeah other brands are cheaper in comparison but the colours are so sweet!

    @Katya_noia: You are most welcome!

    @Joan: I was so excited when I saw the stand in the pharmacy. It's cheaper to get them from Crush Cosmetics though!

  22. @Alice: Aren't the bottles cute?? Definitely try them if you can.

    @Nikki San: It's the perfect pastel pink colour =)

    @Silkybow: I'm glad you like it!!

  23. @Tassa: Awwww thanks so much Tassa! You are very sweet to say that =)

  24. FREAKING love this!! i need it. barry m's are total kryptonite for me! i think it's the bottle shape. it's my absolute favorite!

  25. i love strawberry ice cream, cyan blue and red glitter xx


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