Adamo 83 leafy silver NOTD

Nail swapping is so much fun! It's so wonderful getting to know ladies from across the globe over a shared love of nail polish. I now have SO many untried polishes now that I am determined not to purchase any new polishes until I go to HK in November! We'll see how I go sticking to it lol but I just have so many lovely overseas lacquers to try yay! Here's my quick NOTD using the Greek polishes I received from Christina from Cel's blog.

I used Adamo 83 which is a gorgeous bright pink creme. The formula is a little thick so I added 1 drop of Seche Restore which did the trick. I had to be careful to not go over my strokes as it would create tiny bald spots but nothing too difficult =) The 1st coat was streaky so I did 2 coats which is pictured below without topcoat and it dried to a high gloss finish. It's such a pretty pink! It's just bright enough without being too in your face. I also love the fact that these bottles contain a whopping 16mls of polish! Most polishes are between 10-15mls only. Just a little trivia!

Adamo 83

I then konaded the full nail leaf design from Bundle Monster plate BM20 using Erre Due 197. 197 is a frosty silver polish that stamped really well for me. Over the pink it came out very subtly which is great for the Bundle Monster full nail designs as they cover so much of the nail. You can just see the design as it catches the light =)


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  1. Lovely shade of pink :)

    Please if you have time, come and visit my blog. Thanks a lot,

  2. That's such a cute pink! and the konading's great. For a moment there, I thought you used ChG OMG. :D

  3. I love this pink!

  4. What a sweet, subtle mani, love it!

  5. Very cute! I know what you mean about the pink it not being too in your face cos the colours very relaxing and subtle ^^

  6. Such a nice pink *-*

  7. That's a gorgeous pink. Very girly xx

  8. I'm glad your swap went well. This color is gorgeous!

  9. I love this color =)
    So pretty*


  10. Love that colour

  11. It looks so cute <3
    I haven't actually used this colour yet myself.
    I wonder if the polish was thick because of travelling in the heat.
    I love how the silver looks on top of it, subtle yet pretty ^_^

  12. So beautiful and soft! I love, when konad isn't so visable and gives a special effect to base color. Really lovely! Love it! <3

  13. @Alexa1202: Thanks Alexa! Your blog is cute =) I'm addicted to konad too!

    @Nikki: It does look kind of similar doesn't it! In person you can tell more of a difference between the 2 when stamped though.

    @Asami: I'm glad you like it Asami! It's a unique pink in my collection and I love it too!

  14. @Shiny!: Glad you like it =)

    @Donna: I like bright colours but not all the time, it's nice to do a more subtle mani occasionally!

    @Anh Nguyen: I know, such a huge bottle huh! I doubt I'll be able to finish the bottle, there's just so much!

    @Ansa: Thanks Ansa!

  15. @Enamel Girl: All my swaps have been amazing experiences =) Glad you like the colour!

    @Clau and Just Cake Girl: Glad you like the colour ladies! If you can get your hands on this colour I definitely recommend it =)

    @Becky: Thanks Becky!

  16. @Cel: Thank you so much for this pretty pink! I don't have pinks like this in my collection so it's a very welcome addition =D Hmmm I wonder too, it could be a factor definitely. But not to worry as there's nothing a little Seche Restore can't fix ;) Besides it's such a pretty colour!

    @Ivana: You are very kind Ivana! I like how the Erre Due silver comes up a little pinky-silver when stamped over the pink.


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