Revlon Cherries in the Snow NOTD

Today's NOTD is actually from VERY late last night =p I've been lending some of my polishes to the girls from work and one of them lent me Revlon Cherries in the Snow to try in return.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow is a red creme that doesn't actually remind me of cherries.. the colour is more like a red apple or something. I suck at describing things sorry! I haven't used Revlon polishes in a LONG long time and I think I know why. I found it a little difficult to use the brush and had to do quite a bit of cleanup. It also chipped a lot after just a couple of hours of wear even with Seche Vite. On the plus side it only needed 1 coat which is always a big plus in my book! Below is 1 coat without topcoat. I had difficulty capturing the proper redness of this colour unfortunately.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

I then decided to be very literal and konad cherries and snowflakes! I used Konad Special Polish in White to konad cherries using GCOCL plate B01 and snowflakes using Konad plate m59 on alternate fingers. Topped it all off with Seche Vite.


Hope you like it! Don't forget to enter my 200 followers giveaway here!


  1. I really like this color and one coat? SCORE!

  2. That is a very pretty cheery color :) and i love the konad plates the cherries are so cute!

  3. I'm a new follower:)

    Such a pretty red and i have yet to try it.
    and the konad plate makes it even better really beautiful!

    check out my giveaway if you like

  4. the red is sooo pretty! and i like the cherries and designs!!

  5. Lovely mani! Color is really beautiful! I know I'm repeating myself but I love your nails, they are so perfect! And you make your manicures more than perfect! Great job. :)

  6. This color is so pretty. I'm always looking for that perfect red. Will purchase this. xx

  7. I love the stamping. Those snowflakes are so detailed and fabulous! And the white cherry to red background...fabulous! :)

  8. What a lovely colour! I'm a sucker for pinkish-reds, so pretty!

  9. oh wow! thats a pretty color! loving them on ur nails. :D

  10. They look great and really effective too :)

  11. wow your nails look gorgous!! nice blog!
    you should check mine out! follow back?

  12. @Freshie: Yep only 1 coat! If only it didn't chip so easily it would be a sure winner in my book.

    @Winnie: Thanks Winnie! It was the 1st time I tried the cherry design and I'm loving it! I'll be using it again for sure =)

    @rmcandlelight: Thanks! It's a gorgeous red polish.
    Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway! I'll be sure to check it out.

  13. @Oreleona: I'm glad you like it! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it =)

    @Tassa: Just like cherries =p thanks hun!

    @Ivana: Thank you for the sweet compliment Ivana! You are too kind =D Trust me though, my manicures are far from perfect all the time. I can do some SHOCKING manicures when I want to!

  14. @Ansa: It is a really pretty red, it reminds of a really red apple like from snow white . I hope you have better luck with the polish than I had!

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Plate m59 has got to be one of my favourite plates, the snowflakes just work every time! Glad you like it =)

    @Joan: Thanks Joan!

  15. @xnosugaraddedx: Glad you like it! If only the polish didn't chip so easily argh.

    @fierce nails and beauty: Thank you!

    @GiveMeFashionNow: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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