Review: Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit

Hi ladies!
I have a review for you today on the Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit. The boy purchased this for me from Woolworths (supermarket chain in Aus) of all places and I decided to try it out over Rimmel Double Decker Red that I swatched for you in my last post.


The kit includes 3 striping polishes in black, white and silver glitter and 30 "fashionable stencil designs to make you an instant nail artist!"

Instructions on box:

How to apply polish:
"Gently wipe excess paint from brush upon removing from bottle. Test on paper before trying on nail. Use brush in sweeping motion to create stripes & curves".

How to apply stencils:
"Paint polish and then place stencil & paint."


I'm VERY impressed with the striping polishes. The black and the white are very opaque so there's no need for multiple layers and they're also super easy to use and control and apply very smoothly. I've swatched them below on a piece of paper.


The brushes are also excellent - super thin and they aren't frayed(?) down the bottom like other striping polishes I've tried which can leave a messy finish on a manicure.


Now the stencils are a different matter. Maybe I was using them incorrectly but I found them pretty difficult to use and a bit useless really. I followed the instructions - painted a base colour (let it dry 1st) then applied a stencil on top. The stencils kinda remind me of bandaid material as they're pretty flexible and are sticky on one side.

Crappy pic sorry!

I alternated free handing designs and using the stencils and below is the result:


As you can see, the designs I did using the stencils on my pinky, rude finger and index fingers didn't turn out at all. The polish stuck to the stencil and when I took the stencil off the polish pulled right off the nail. It's a real shame as the designs are so cute! I might give it another go later.

* Striping polishes are fantastic quality - opaque colours and smooth to apply
* The brush is thin and easy to use - gives good control when doing nail art
* Colours are a must have in anyone's collection
* Price is reasonable: about $18Aus = $6/polish, cheaper if it's on sale

* The stencils are difficult to use

Would I purchase again?
Yes, but only for the striping polishes! The stencils unfortunately were difficult to use.

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  1. The polishes look great, but yea its too bad the stencils would pull the polish off. i might give it a try tho. i believe its a lot cheaper in the states too. thanks for the great review!

  2. To be honest, these art polishes look of better quality then we used to use in the Salon professionally. Go figure.
    I would've been very happy to use something like this for plants, lining, french. It would've made work much easier! lol

  3. u r really good with keepin up with blog entries regularly, I wish some of the youtube beauty gurus can do the same too, more videos, more comments and communication.... bt I suppose this is the busiest time of the yr, even for myself that every1 juz can't be bothered to update anything, lol

  4. Thanks for sharing :) those brushes look like liquid eyeliner brush, but yeah it is a shame that it didn't work out cos I thought the design was cute too :)

  5. @Winnie: I was quite disappointed actually because I was looking forward to the stencil a lot. Definitely give it a go and hopefully it works for you, then you can tell me where I went wrong applying them! I'm sure it is a lot cheaper in the States, how I wish I lived there!

    @Neya: I'm surprised you say that! What sorts of striping polishes did you use as a nail tech?

  6. @Ronnie: I'll be dropping off with my posts in the upcoming months when my intensive course at uni starts in September >.< So I'm bombarding you guys with posts now haha. I guess because it's Winter over here it's cold so I'm not going out all that much too so I have time to post.

    @Oreleona: Thanks! You are very kind as half the nails were a fail lol.

    @Ena: Yes they do look like eyeliner brushes! Especially the black and the glitter hehe. Thank you for stopping by and commenting =)

  7. whenever I try to use stencils for art projects the color runs under the stencil unless you dab it on instead of a painting motion. Konad has a sponge kit. The tool might work well for this. These nail art brushes look a lot nicer than mine from Claire's.

  8. omg i have this , but i dont know how to use it ><
    im sucks with idea when painting my nails O.O
    u soo creative ! hehe

  9. The polishes are cute and when you use the stencils they look even better i love how my stencils turned out, it looked just like i thought they would on the first try just pure amazing.

  10. I actually have this as well. You should take off the stencil as soon as you put the color on,and not wait until it dries. It will look better.


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