Reader request: Rimmel Double Decker Red swatch

Hi ladies! I don't have time at the moment for a full manicure so I'll be doing some posts I've wanted to do for a while now. A while ago I did a not so fantastic NOTD here using Rimmel Double Decker Red as my stamping colour. One of my readers Joan requested a swatch of the colour so here it is =)

Double Decker Red is a bright red creme that applies super smoothly and easily. It's very pigmented and one coat would be enough, but I did two below to show you the red and it dried to a high gloss finish. I love the brushes too, they're a good size and I don't need to do cleanup most of the time. I've always found Rimmel polishes fantastic quality and the formula really good but the size is pretty small - you only get 8mls in a bottle.

Double Decker Red

This polish holds a special place in my polish collection as it was my first bright colour I bought when I was really getting into nail polish. I've always loved nail polish but I never really got the chance to wear it often and when I did I only ever wore pinks and sheers, so I bought it for something different. I haven't looked back since, I wear ALL sorts of colours now!

It's a great polish to own so I hope you buy it Joan!

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  1. Wow what a bright color! Stunning!

  2. Thanks for doing this swatch for me! It's an amazingly bright colour, but in a good way. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't a normal, blue-based red because they look really harsh on me. Instead, DDR looks more like an orangey-tinged red, correct me if I'm wrong? Because I definitely want it.

    Thank goodness for Priceline's 20% off Rimmel right now! :)

    And I've never had a problem with Rimmel colours either, even though they're small, you're getting what you paid for!

  3. Gorgeous red color! I am the opposite. I usually pick bright colors but I still like neutrals the most, esp on my fingers. I will need to check this out since I dont have any bright red like this. As you said, its a small bottle, which is what I prefer more :D

  4. awesome! this red looks good on you!! i seriously think every color looks good on you. :D

  5. This colour is so bright & pretty! I love reds! And I agree with Rimmel having some really nice quality polishes.

  6. It's a pretty nail colour ^_^
    I totally agree with you about Rimmel. Their nail polishes are lovely.

  7. nice color !!! perfect on your nails !!

  8. Hi 'Chelle.
    Love that red.... I have been eyeing off the ♥ rimmel for a while now. Thanks to your review i will go out and buy a few.
    You have given me confidence to know it works well.

  9. @Ivana: It really is a stunning red!

    @Joan: No worries! =) Nah it's not a blue-based red, it's a very bright warm red. Hope you like it when you get it! I got a lot of my Rimmel's when Priceline have their 3 for 2 sales, such a good bargain.

    @Winnie*: Definitely try it Winnie! It was my 1st bright colour and I still love it for a reason =) Oh I prefer bigger bottles actually, more value =p

  10. Rimmel's colours are gorgeous :) Love the red - its so awesomely bright, though I don't think I would be able to pull it off haha~

  11. Btw, Chelle currently at Kmart Rimmel's "I love lasting finish" polishes are at $2.75 which is a bigger saving than priceline's 20% off. Also slight saving on the buy 3 for 2 deal too. Theres also a huge discount on Rimmel's "60 seconds" and "Lycra wear" polishes. Not sure if it applies to all Kmarts but couldn't help noticing that Joan who you posted this swatch for is considering purchasing so just wanted to share to you aussie girls :) I picked up some great colours yesterday haha~

  12. @Nikki: You flatter me Nikki! =) I wish it were so, but sadly some colours just don't suit me at all like OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry and my fave Ulta 3 polish Watermelon. Doh!

    @hiitscaila: I love reds too! You can't go wrong with a gorgeous red =)

    @Cel: Thanks! I think Rimmel products are always reliable. And the polish colours are so bright and fun!

  13. @Tassa & Lily Nail: Thank you ladies!

    @Fierce nails and beauty: Definitely purchase some Bev! They are fantastic quality and last a decent time too.

    @Donna: I'm sure you can, give it a go! When I bought it I didn't think so either but you've just got to take that 1st leap with brights =)

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the sale at Kmart!! I will have to stay away though because I know I'll want to buy them all =p 1 or 2 won't hurt though!

  14. what a gorgeous color! looks great on you!

  15. @kelligonzo: Thanks hun! A bright red colour is always a fail safe mani ;)


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