Essence Eclipse Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me NOTD

I like the Twilight series. Yes it is very teenage girl of me but dammit I LOVE a good love story! I read the books long before the movies were even in the works and it definitely brings out the romantic/sappy side of me. I'm not a "twihard" or anything but Edward and Bella's seemingly perfect (but complicated) story just touches a little (alright a big) part of my heart. So sue me! I am a romantic =) I wish I had my very own Edward but I guess my boyfriend will do LOL.

I FINALLY got to see Eclipse today and I wore one of my swap acquired Essence Eclipse polishes in honour of the movie. The Eclipse collection was such a huge lemming for me and I didn't think I would ever own them. I am most grateful to Tina from Fleur's nails&stuff for hunting them down for me and including them in our swap =) My boyfriend thought I was totally mad when I told him I HAD to wear an Eclipse polish to see it but I thought it made total sense! Plus I think he was just being mean because I forced him to come with me and therefore he had to sit through 2 hours of Robert Pattinson being all broody and seductive HA.

Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me

I wore Essence Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me as my NOTD. Please excuse the quality of the mani - I did it literally 20 minutes before rushing out the door to watch Eclipse! Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me is a berry polish with purple shimmer. Berry shades are one of my favourites =) It applied relatively well but was a little on the thick side. I did 2 coats for opaqueness and it dried to a semi-matte finish so I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite as I was in a mad hurry. The colour really reminds me of Orly Once Upon A Time (which you can see in my post here) but with less shimmer.

Thank you to Olivia for tagging me with an award =)


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  1. Oh!! It looks good! and with purple shimmer somemore! Wow! Can't wait for the other Eclipse collection swatches! :D

  2. I like this color. It's very girly and cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Review for petite denim is coming up on Monday

  3. Oooo, I love it! It looks so good on you! :)

  4. oooo this looks goood! haha i personally rarely can pull off reds.. but it looks good on you! hehe oh btw.. im sorry i havent had time to test out the products you sent me yet! :( i sooo want to but my bf's cousin is getting married and we've been so busy! >< will test them out soon and post on them! i am soooooooo excited! <3

  5. awesome!! let me know what you think of stereo rose!! also do u know if theyve sold out in asia? i really want a back up but everywhere in australia is sold out! :(
    your nails look gorgeous here! :)

  6. @Nikki: It is a very pretty polish, I adore plum shades and with shimmer too! I'll post up swatches when I can definitely =) I'll be posting up more swatches from our swap soon too!

    @PetiteLittleGirl: Thanks hun =) I look forward to your review on Monday!

    @ipehishere: Thanks!

    @Tassa: Glad you like it Tassa! I love the swatches you did, this was the only colour you didn't swatch!

  7. @Agnes: Ah thanks Agnes! You should try reds anyway! No worries at all and no rush, use them when you can =) Hope the wedding is fun!

    @Sydney: Thank you for the kind comment =) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting too!

    @Cecilia: Wow can't believe it's so popular!

  8. WOW this is soo pretty!!!! I seriously would buy this shade!!!!

  9. Tis prettier than I expected. :) What with the Twilight connotations...ergh...Twilight...

  10. Hi =)

    I like this color. It's so pretty!!

  11. @Ena: It is gorgeous isn't it? I love shades like this =)

    @Joan: It's prettier in person actually!

    @Clau: I'm glad you like it =)


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