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Hi ladies! I am so over work and it's only Tuesday.. doh! At least I have nail polish to look forward to at the end of the day =) I decided to do a quick mani using Color Club Yummy from the Sweet Seduction collection.

Yummy is a sweet pale pink creme. I find with most light pink cremes I own I find application a little streaky and difficult eg. China Glaze Innocence and OPI Passion and a few coats is needed. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case with Yummy but the 1st coat had bald spots galore and the 2nd still had VNL so a 3rd coat was needed. Below is 3 coats without topcoat. I really like the colour though so it was worth the pain!

Color Club Yummy

Now I probably should have stopped there with just the pretty polish, however the lovely *misskitty* requested more Konad mani posts so of course I had to Konad! I wanted to try out the full nail stars design from Bundle Monster plate BM21 so I used Rimmel Double Decker red to stamp and then topped it with Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat.


I'm not really happy with how it turned out though. I'm not really digging the pink and red combo and my placement was so off! It's so darned hard to see where the red polish is on the stamper to align the pattern. I was going to do more with the mani but couldn't be bothered. Oh well! You see the good, the bad AND the ugly on my blog =p

What colour combinations do you think go well or love to see for konadicures?

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  1. naww the pink polish is soo cute! i really want a manicure after reading this post :D

  2. love the pink! i agree on the red konading. maybe a silver color would be okie? i'm not sure myself too. hehe.. :D

  3. Oh, I like this lovely, tender rose. :) Very pretty on your nails.

  4. The pink is gorgeous. So soft.
    Maybe not with the red but the stars are cute though.
    ♥ Bev

  5. Awww what a baby pink. :) Looks good! I just got one pastel pink and I have to try it asap. :) Konad is also cute - it's so hard to see red or pink polishes on the stamper - I usually put a lamp on a desk and then I see it much better, becouse it's shiny. :)
    I think with pink should go even white (it would be really soft mani), or darker pink, black as usual...

  6. I really love the pink. I know what you mean some nail polish comes all streaky and leaves a bald spot and always have to add a few more coats. I don't like my nail polish to be all thick and takes a long time to dry.

    Oh and you really make me wanna get a Konad stamp kit but they are really expensive. I saw a few fakes ones not sure if they are worth it.


  7. Are you kidding? I love this konadicure, it works so well together, the pink and red! The red really pops and the design is cute! Have you done a swatch of Double Decker Red? Seeing it work as a konad mani here, I'm now considering buying it...

  8. I really like the pink! It's so pretty, but I also think that the red/pink combo doesn't really flow b/c of the similarity of the colors. I think a glitter silver or gold would look nice. You should try that. :)

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  10. love that pink...
    and yeah usually soft shades nail polishes are very streaky and is so difficult to apply...
    hmm...definitely not red to go with the konad...
    i think blue/baby blue??

  11. @xphoebelinax: Thanks hun! You can't go wrong with pastel pinks ;)

    @xnosugaraddedx: I don't have a really opaque silver for konading yet - I wasn't sure my current silver for konading would stand out enough. But I'll definitely give this colour a whirl with silver konading later =)

    @MrsPetruschka: Thank you so much for the kind comment =)

  12. @Shiny!: Thanks!

    @fierce nails and beauty: Thanks Bev! Now I know what NOT to use haha!

    @Ivana: I love baby pinks even though I find it difficult to apply them! Thanks so much for the great tip! I will have to move my desk light next time I use red for konading. Yeah I really should have done white or black but I wanted to try out the red special polish =p

  13. @Nur: I totally agree! I'm so impatient, I hate doing 3 coats for any polish >.<
    Oh do give Konad a try! It's so much fun =) It is expensive but if you buy from overseas sites like ocnail art or wowsocool it's cheaper than buying in Aus. The fake plates are just as good or sometimes BETTER than the konad plates I find.

    @Joan: You're too kind Joan! I'm glad you like the mani even though I don't haha. I'll make sure I do a swatch of Double Decker red for you in an upcoming post!

    @Alice: Thanks Alice, great idea!

    @yokeMun: It's such a pain that soft shades are like that. Hmmmm I never thought of baby blue, will try it sometime thanks!


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