Color Club Hello Kitty manicure

Today's NOTD is a bright and playful Hello Kitty manicure in honour of my boyfriend's adorable 2 year old niece =) My bf's brother and sister in-law live in HK at the moment but they are back home in Sydney for a visit and I get to play with his niece tomorrow!! YAY!! Fun times to be had as long as she is not in a cheeky and terrible mood lol. For this mani I used Color Club She's Sooo Glam and Poptastic from my recent Color Club haul.

Hello Kitty

She's Soooo Glam is a gorgeous Barbie pink creme polish from the Rebel Debutante collection. I've been looking for a Barbie pink for so long and I've finally found it! Application however wasn't the best and below is 3 coats. The 1st 2 coats are full of streaks and bald spots! I probably could have used 4 coats but I hate the feeling of thick polish so I stopped at 3. I love the colour so it's worth the pain! It dried quickly and to a nice glossy finish too.

Color Club She's Sooo Glam

I used Poptastic from the Poptastic collection on my accent fingers. It's a neon pink polish and it's so bright and cheerful!! My pic doesn't capture the true neon quality of this polish though unfortunately. Application on this was MUCH better than She's Sooo Glam - it applied smoothly and evenly and below is 3 coats to ensure no VNL.

Color Club Poptastic

I then used China Glaze Admire to stamp full dots nail design from Bundle Monster plate BM 19. On my accent fingers I used Konad Special Polish in white to stamp Hello Kitty design from GCOCL plate A02. Then covered it all in a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and topped it all off with Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat!

Here are some food piccies from dinner a few nights ago at Ikea. I absolutely LOVE Ikea and have ever since I was little - I could literally spend hours there =p The food there is cheap, cheerful and tasty even though you eat cafeteria style but that's all part of the fun.

The boy and I had a plate of Gravad Lax (salmon with dill and mustard sauce) each:

Gravad lax

I had Swedish meatballs and chips. These are really yummy!

Meatballs and chips

And the boy had stuffed salmon with chive cake:

Stuffed salmon

All for under $30!! No trip to Ikea is complete without visiting the Swedish Food Market full of Swedish food goodies. I normally go crazy and get Daim chocolate (some of the best chocolate in the world!), pear cider, and soft serves amongst other things! But all I got was Lingonberry and blueberry cordial. These are delicioius and you can really taste the difference between these and supermarket brand ones.


Thanks for looking!!


  1. I've got 'shes so glam' as well and I found the application wasnt the greatest! :(
    Your mani looks sooo cute though! Love the combo of dots and hello kitty :)

    OH! BTW! I bought 2 packs of tapioca pearls the other day :D I found rainbow ones and I'm like omg must have! So tomorrow Im gonna go find some milk tea mixture and fat straws and make my own bubble tea! (hopefully) :)

  2. Lovely nails!

    The salmon looks delicious! A few things are as good as salmon + dill combination. It makes my mouth waters just to think!

  3. Awww I love hello kitty so much! love the nails xx

  4. That's such a pretty color! Love Hello Kitty :)

  5. that is toooo cute. i love Hello Kitty :)

  6. i have loved ikea since i was little too! i used to BEG my mom to take me. then i moved away to denver and they didn't have one, i went into ikea-withdrawl! i was there recently and picked up the lignon berry preserves as well!

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  8. Awwwwwwwwww so cute! Love it! These 2 pink shades are so gorgeous! <3

  9. Adorable! And you made me very hungry! Ikea food is surprisingly good and cheap!!!

  10. I love that manicure. So cute.
    And, zomg - Ikea meatballs - om nom nom :D. I might just have to go and get some tomorrow after seeing them!!


  11. ahhh i love your nails!!! i really need to get these plates so that i can try :p lol i love ikea as well. like you, i could spend HOURS walking there and then settle for a delicious dinner :D unfortuantely, the only ikea we have here is on the other side of the city haha. so i dont get to go often :(

  12. Omg that salmon looks YUMMY!!!!

    Love the colors also, they are so cute! :)

  13. Omg, I had the meatballs at Ikea last week too and they were dee-lish!!!


  14. Mmmm, I buy a frozen pack of meatballs to take home and cook for dinner...after eating them for lunch!
    Also a mega pack of Daim, Daim frozen cake, packets and packets and packets of meatball gravy sauce and Lygonberry, think that's about it!
    Have you tried the new Lygonberry scented candles? So nice!

  15. @Krissy: Glad to know I'm not the only one having problems with it! Makes me feel a bit better about my application skills lol.

    @Thriszha: Thanks Thriszha! My bf's niece thought so too hehe =)

    @Thifa: It was very delicious! I love salmon so I could probably eat at least a dozen plates or more hehe.

    @Ansa: Glad you like it Ansa! Hello Kitty is a favourite for everyone I think, she's so cute!

  16. @Freshie: Thanks hun! It felt different wearing such girly nails today I had to make sure my outfit was girly too!

    @Rei T & Enamel Girl: Thank you ladies! Hello Kitty is definitely a favourite of mine too =)

    @Jbrobeck: Awww that's so cute! I'm lucky I live very close to the Sydney Ikea, I hate to go through Ikea-withdrawal =S Ooooh I must try the preserve next time! Sounds yummy.

  17. @Art of Nail: I'm so glad you like it Mae! It's not much compared to your beautiful and creative designs though =)

    @Ivana: Thanks! You should definitely try get your hands on these shades, they're great pinks!

    @tasha~: Sorry I made you hungry hun! Hope it makes you want to go to Ikea and have a tasty meal =p

    @Sammersaurus: Thanks so much! LOL definitely a nom nom moment when it comes to these meatballs. Hope you go get yourself some!

  18. @xAgnes: Thanks for liking them =) Go for it and get some plates! You regret it, it's so much fun playing with them. Oh it sucks you live so far away from one, hope my post inspires you to go soon though!

    @Katie: It was even yummier than it looks!

    @Bubbles: Hehe the meatballs ROCK!

    @Konadobsession: Haha WHOA I'm glad that I'm not the only Ikea enthusiast! Scented candles??! No I haven't, thanks so much for letting me know!

  19. I love the Pink Glam nail polish!

    And OMG I just went to Ikea yesterday and had the salmon and the stuffed chive cake thingy! It was sooo delicious <33

  20. Wow 'Chelle your manicures just keep getting better don't they! :)

    I love the bright pink. Very fun.

    Ps. I also love Ikea. I spent so much money there today! :D

  21. @Jessy: Glad you like it! Mmmm I didn't actually try the salmon, must try it next time! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting =)

    @Alice: Oh you are too kind Alice! It's just that I'm on semester break atm so I have more time to dedicate to manicures and my blog. When semester is back in session I won't be able to do as many unfortunately.


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