Accidental Under the Sea NOTD

Hi ladies! Today's NOTD is "accidental" as I just went with the flow for this manicure and it turned out looking kind of "under the sea"! I only wanted to try out OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui and got carried away!

As you'll all know, Suzy Says Feng Shui is from the Hong Kong Collection and it's an absolutely gorgeous cobalt/dusty blue creme. It applied PERFECTLY like the other polishes from this collection I have. No streaks, no mess and the perfect colour. I don't have any other colours like this in my collection and I'm loving this baby! And I am in love with the Pro-wide brush! My manicures require no cleanup with this gem. Below is 2 coats (without topcoat) and it dried to a high gloss finish.

OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui

I then stamped full nail design using Bundle Monster plate BM20 using China Glaze Devotion.


I thought it lacked a little something so I put 1 coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie over the top and it kind of reminded me of the sea.


I think I may have gotten carried away and should have just enjoyed the colour! What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think the glitter you added adds a lot to it, makes it pop! Your nails look so cute!

  2. gorgeous! I love it plain and with the designs ;)

  3. love the Hong Kong Collection!!!
    espeially Suzy Says Feng Shui and Jade Is The New Black!!
    i actually love all 3 designs!!=)

  4. I love it! :) Really great mani! :)

  5. So cool! You make Suzi even better with konad and Sinful colors. Great job, sweety. :)

  6. i love all your NOTD :) they are all so gorgeous! the color by itself was already so pretty but you can make it so much better! Loved the design and the glitter :) hehe

    Also, you have been awarded the Sunshine Award! :D Congrats!

  7. Pretty! Suzi Says Feng Shui is a perfect wonderful blue. :)

  8. I LOVE it. I don't think you got carried away at all. Creative invention makes for great manis!

  9. Gorgeous mani! I looove it!!!
    I need that OPI color.

  10. Love your blog!! Your nail designs are inspirational. Can you tell me where you buy China Glaze nailpolish in Australia?

  11. naw i think this mani is so CUTE! The glitter makes the mani pop and compliments the bubble stamp :)

  12. @Jen: Thanks so much Jen! I think the glitter makes the polish look kinda green but oh well! Gotta love glitter hehe.

    @Tasha: I'm glad you like it =)

    @Yokemun: I totally agree with you! This is one of my favourite collections by far for the year.

    @Tassa: Thanks Tassa!!

    @Ivana: You are too kind! Thank you for the sweet compliment =)

  13. @xAgnes: Thank you for the award Agnes! And thank you for the sweet comment =)

    @Joan: Thanks Joan! I must say this would have to be one of my top 5 blue polishes now.

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: You're much too kind! I'm glad you like it =) Agree with your comment cause I'm sooo not artsy at all so yeah I just go with it!

    @Alexisaraus: Definitely get it if you still can! Thanks for stopping by and commenting =)

    @Anonymous: I'm so happy you enjoy reading my little blog! Thank you for the sweet and kind comment =) I wouldn't consider my manicures inspirational myself because there are LOADS of ladies who do much more intricate and creative designs!

    You can buy China Glaze from nail salons or Online is the cheapest and most convenient way though!

    @Donna: Awww thanks Donna! I'm glad you say they're bubbles because I had no idea haha.

  14. It really does remind of the sea, such a lovely look!
    It's like sucking in the eye while watching :D

  15. @puranki: LOL good to know it has that effect!

  16. Hi Michelle, nice mani, very pretty :)


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