Socceroos NOTD

Hi ladies!! How has everyone's week been so far? I'm currently sick and laid up at home for the day. Boo! I have no idea who I caught this darned cold off but I'm just hoping it passes soon.

I managed to get the energy to do a quick World Cup themed NOTD to show my support for our Socceroos!


This is a really simple manicure but quite effective and patriotic I think! I used OPI Passion as a base and used the brush from Nail Star Two Way Nail Art Pen & Brush in green and yellow to do thin lines of each colour. Please excuse the puncture marks on my index and pinky - I stabbed myself on the sticky tape dispenser at work yesterday lol. I'm such a klutz!!

I'm holding limited edition green & gold Mentos which taste very yummy! I love it when companies bring out themed items =p

Green & gold Mentos

I haven't really been following the World Cup much this time around as the matches are played at like 4:30am in the morning and I just can't bring myself to get up at that time. However I might watch the match against Serbia early tomorrow morning because it might be the last time we play but fingers crossed it isn't though!


Thank you for stopping by =)


  1. hehe simple and fun. I wore Japanese themed nails :)

  2. oooh!! love the simplicity! and the mentos~ yummm~ ^v^

  3. @puranki: I'd love to see your Japanese themed nails!

    @xnosugaraddedx: Thanks Nikki! I love mentos =p

  4. it is a really pretty color! very pigmented though so i have to work at it to sheer it out to have it look more natural. If you don't have a bright coral color in ur blush stash then i think def get it :) but if u already do then maybe not cos it is quite exxy (my wallet is still hurting :p) the gold detail came off on my first use, i was like nooo! :(
    love the cup spirit NOTD lovely! :)

  5. that is so cool and cute!! everyone's in soccer mania mode!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Lovely mani & it brought luck to your team. :)) And Mentos, mmmmm. :)

  7. Great job! Sorry the Socceroos didn't make it! They played hard!

  8. Your NOTD are super cute!!
    Go Socceroos!! :D

  9. @Cecilia: Thanks for the advice hun! I already have the LE Michael Kors Sunset Coral blush which I love so I don't need another. Though of course I'd like to have it! I'll just admire the highlighter on you =)

    @Tassa: Thank you! We won against Serbia but we got eliminated =(

    @libys1: Thanks! Yep everyone's soccer mad atm! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting =)

  10. @Ivana: Thank you! We won our match but unfortunately it wasn't enough. At least I have Mentos to console me =p

    @April: Thanks April! Oh well better luck next time. Hope USA do well!

    @Donna: Thanks Donna!

  11. omg woa soo creative nails!!
    i wanna tasteeeee that mentos omg!!! gimmie one lol :D

  12. This is cuteee!!! :) Good way to show team spirit!

    Sucks to hear that you are sick though. I hope you get better!

  13. @ipehishere: You flatter me! It was very simple to do.

    @Alice: Thanks Alice! I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there =)

  14. They look great....
    Shame we didn't make it :(
    I am being a bit of a traitor now, my husband is half dutch, half hungarian :o (what a combination hey!!!)
    So i am cheering for the Netherlands!!!
    Cute nails.

  15. @fierce nails and beauty: Thanks hun! Yeah it's a real shame =( Better luck next time!


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