Royal manicure and weekend buys

How has everyone's weekend been? I hope it's been good!

Tomorrow is a public holiday here in Aus so everyone gets the day off to celebrate the Queen's birthday even though it's not her actual birthday haha. I have to work tomorrow though which kinda sucks but the penalty rates should make up for it! So in honour of Her Majesty, I thought I would do a royal manicure NOTD.

Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!

I used Catrice Poison Me, Poison You! which I received in my recent swap here with Anita from KONADomania. So many new polishes to try but so little time! Poison Me, Poison You! is a gorgeous eggplant purple with blue and red shimmer. The rounded bottle took a little getting used to using but was easy to apply after I got the hang of it. Above is 2 coats to achieve full coverage and it dried to a high glossy finish. It's so pretty!!

Royal manicure


I then stamped crowns using Bundle Monster plate BMO8 and China Glaze Passion topped with Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat. Not the best placement wise but it was my first time using the Bundle Monster plates and I had some difficulties. For the rounded crown design, one side just wouldn't pick up so I had to try different ways of scraping. So frustrating!

The boy and I went to the city today and I picked up a few things I've wanted for a while.

Rikaro crystal glass file

I finally got a glass nail file so I can stop using my dodgy old one! I got this at Japan City in Galeries Victoria at 30% off (score!) so it cost less than $10 and is by Rikaro. It's apparently handmade in the Czech Republic and there were a few other designs to choose from.

kimmidoll handbag holder

I saw this kimmidoll handbag holder at Kinokuniya a while ago but never picked it up, and then I went back to get it last week and they didn't stock them anymore! I hate it when that happens!! >.< But fear not, one of the stores at Market City stocks a LOAD of kimmi items and I finally got this cute handbag holder.
NCIS dvd + cap

Lastly I bought Season 6 of NCIS which just so happens to be one of my ALL TIME favourite shows. Tony, Ziva and McGee rock my world!! =p I normally wouldn't post up DVDs I've purchased but this one is kinda special. Exclusive to JB Hifi, when you purchase season 6 of NCIS you get a NCIS cap! Just like the ones they wear on the show!! =) I'm such a dork LOL.

Have a great start to the week ladies! Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the items you bought! Let me know how the glass filer works? I saw some for 2 USD here been thinking about getting it but werent sure how better they are compare to my reg. one.
    thanks for the award, I've been neglecting my blog, but I will be joining your blog giveaway so watch out for the post =P

  2. Ohhhh, great purchases!!! I'm coming to Syd this wednesday so I'll have to check out those crystal files and maybe the NCIS dvd. I too have become addicted to that show!

  3. @Tassa: Thank you! When you have such a gorgeous polish anything goes =p and thank you for becoming a follower and commenting, I really appreciate it =)

  4. @Meme: Welcome back Meme!! I missed your posts and your pretty manicures! When can we expect a konadicure from you? Hope you've been well =)

    I'll definitely let you know how I go with it. I was reading that glass files are better on the nails and don't make them break as easily..?

    No probs about the award, I love reading your blog!

  5. @Jenni and Ying: Thankyou Jenni! Just checked out your blog and I'm loving it. Thanks for following!

    @Millie: Hi! Definitely check out the crystal files at Japan City, the entire store is 30% off which is awesome. It's much cheaper than others I've seen around such as the Bloom glass file which retails for $19.95. Plus they're got some very pretty designs!

    NCIS is just so addictive, other shows decline after the 3rd season but NCIS just gets better and better.

  6. Hi Michelle :) This Catrice is very beautiful, very shiny I love ^^
    and great swap with Anita ..

  7. How Perfect!!

    Stumbled on your blog :)

    Really lovely!

    Cheers, Jesa

  8. Awesome manicure and you just gave me an idea for my grandson's first birthday. His theme is that he is a prince. I think I will do the crown. :)
    Beautiful color,

  9. @xnosugaraddex: Thanks Nikki! Kimmidoll is too cute.

    @Saori: Thanks! I love purples and this Catrice is perfect.

    @Jesa: Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting Jesa! =)

    @Susie: Can't wait to see how your manicure turns out Susie! Happy 1st birthday to your grandson!


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