OPI Mad as a Hatter and yummy Malaysian

My NOTD today is using OPI Mad as a Hatter. I'm sure everyone has seen swatches of this glittery goodness in a bottle but here's my manicure to add to the mix! Below is 3 coats to ensure no bald spots.

OPI Mad as a Hatter

The glitter is so dense and it's just so blingy and magical, I can't stop staring at my nails! I know it will be an absolute pain to remove but I think it is oh so worth it.

The boy and I went to our favourite Malaysian restaurant Mamak for lunch today after having not been there for a while and boy was it good! It’s actually probably one of our top 5 favourite restaurants and I think many Sydney-siders will agree with me. It’s so popular that you have to get there at least 15-20mins before they open to line up (for dinner especially) and even then the line is already at least a few metres long. You shouldn’t even bother going at peak times like at 7:30pm on a Friday night because the line stretches around the corner and who only knows how long the wait is!

We got a Roti telur bawang (roti with egg and onion)each:


And a dozen of chicken satay and also a piece of the ayam goreng (Malaysian style fried chicken) but I forgot to take a photo of it because we just dug in =p


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  1. yummmmm that looks so good!
    my bf's mum makes that roti stuff with the onion and egg..its so delish!
    I wish i knew the best restaurants to go to... haha im always too shy to order stuff that I've never heard of before :P

  2. Yep, I really looks good, it makes me hungry again and I ate like only 2 hours ago. =)

    And the polish is so colorful on you! I have it too and there is mostly silver and purple glitter... It looks much prettier on you than on me. ;)

  3. Oh my, such a lovely polish. I've been flirting with this collection for quite some time now but in the end I never buy it. Maybe I should as all the colours look very pretty.

    Omg the fooooood, I really should avoid seeing such pics as they make me hungry.

  4. That polish is all sold out here but it looks gorgeous. Check out my blog. You've been awarded =)

  5. Pretty mani! And some delicious photos. :)

  6. this looks good on you, happy to see it again!

  7. I love that nail polish! I can't resist a bit of glitter (:


  8. Oh that's so pretty! I love all things glitter <3

    and... Roti telur bawang & satay? That's incredible... LOL looks so delishhhh!!!

    ~ Rei

  9. @Krissy: You are SO lucky girl! I can only imagine what homemade roti tastes like..MMMMM! And don't worry you aren't the only one who's shy about food and you won't be the last! If it weren't for my bf I would probably always be ordering the same few things lol.

    @Kvacka: Sorry it made you hungry again! But I'm glad my pics are ok enough to have that effect on you hehe.
    Oh you're being far too modest! I'm sure Mad as a Hatter looks FABULOUS on you =)

  10. @Cel: The colours of this collection are indeed very pretty! But I was like you and I only ended up buying this one as it stood out the most. If you can still find it I'd say go for it!

    @Ansa: That's such a shame it's sold out! Hope you picked one up for yourself ;)

    Thank you so much for the award!! You are very generous and you made my day!

  11. @Tassa and jbrobeck: Thanks ladies!

    @Rebecca: I can't resist glitter either be it nail polish or makeup or whatever =p

    @Rei T: Thanks =) I love glitter too, it just makes things so much more fun! LOL it's definitely delish, I go to this restaurant at least once a month!

  12. i love this polish!! i almost bought it...but i put it back down because i know i'd probably use half my bottle of nail polish remover to remove it T_______T

  13. Yai.. the color of OPI is very glittering and amazing! :)

  14. @Jenny: That fact alone stops me from going overboard buying glitter polishes but I had to have this one! I wasn't thinking that tonight when I was taking it off though haha.

    @LIZ: It definitely is amazing!

    @Katie: Glad you like it Katie!

  15. Ohh you just made me sooo hungry! Ahhh!


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