Nonpareil haul and lipstick swatches

I ordered some stuff from Nonpareil a few weeks ago to take advantage of their 20% discount for Memorial Day. I know that I'm on a shopping ban an all but I couldn't resist - I saved myself money! =p I finally received my package today and it was worth the wait.


My haul consisted of mainly NYX products because I think the products are awesome but of course us Aussies don't get it here. It took a while to reach me - nearly 3 weeks which is what they tell you to expect - but other packages I've ordered from the States have only taken about 5days to get here. Nonetheless they reached me in the end and I was very please to find that the items were really really well packaged as you can see in the pic below. It was layer upon layer of bubble wrap!!


Here's what I hauled!

NYX Individual false lashes #137 and NYX Liquid eyeliner in black:

NYX 5 Colour shadow in I Dream of Jamaica. I plan on depotting these into my MAC palette some time hopefully.


NYX blushes in Mosaic Powder blush in Dare; Rouge Cream blush in Rose Petal and Powder blush in Peach:

NYX lipsticks in Summer Love; Snow White; Thalia and Wet n Wild lipstick in Retro Pink:

I decided to swatch these and I can't wait to wear them out! They applied quite smoothly and the texture is quite creamy. The scent is not too bad and at less than $2 you can't go wrong!

Summer Love - a pretty nude, great for everyday wear I think.
NYX Summer Love

Thalia - a nice plummy colour with hints of brown.
NYX Thalia

Snow White - my 1st red lippie! I'm not sure if I can pull off such red lips though, maybe for a party with lashings of black eyeliner. It definitely needs to be applied with a lip brush for a perfect Snow White pout! Sorry for the very messy swatch =p
NYX Snow White

Retro Pink - a great hot pink lippie. I saw this shade on Krissy's blog and I just had to have it!
Wet n Wild retro pink

What have you hauled lately? Don't forget to enter my 50 followers giveaway HERE!


  1. I really like ur NYX collection, unfortunately, this brand doesnt exist in the Asian regions, and altho now that I live in the UK, it doesn't mean that I can buy everything 100% that's provided in the cosmetic line :( I found they hv some really nice false lashes that's worth tryin too, wt do u think?

  2. Great Haul! I am drooling over those blushers

  3. Aww yay you hauled on NP boutique :D Thats weird it took ages to get to you, it only took a week to get to me!
    Great haul, I'm glad you liked retro pink! And the mosaic blushes are also really good...I've got 2 and theyre my most used blushes...soo good for the price!

  4. @Ronnie: Thanks Ronnie! I'm getting quite a collection now, the blushes are awesome. Yeah it sucks that you can't get it in Asia or even the full range in the UK. Thankfully there are online sites like Nonpareil! But it's not so good for the wallet haha.

    These are my 1st NYX falsies but I've heard they are very good too. Let me know if there are styles that are particularly good!

  5. @Tassa: Thanks Tassa! I would have ordered more but I restrained myself =p

    @Winnie: You should definitely haul some yourself! The blushes are so good and for such a good price. You can't go wrong!

    @Krissy: Yep I finally did! I read your reviews and just had to buy during their sale. Yeah it took aaages but that's Aus Post for you I think.

    I tried the mosaic blush out today and I agree it's good! Must haul some more at their next sale hehe.


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