My favourite truffles and Shiseido warehouse sale

I have a major sweet tooth. There is absolutely no denying the fact! I love sweets (or candy depending where you're from) be it gummy or caramels or lollipops or hard candy or chocolate and I love international sweets. You seriously cannot leave me with an open pack of lollies as they will be gone within a matter of minutes. I especially love truffles =) One of my favourites are the lime truffles from Adora Handmade chocolates.

Love the purple packaging!

I've never actually been to their store as my wonderful bf kindly gifts me with them (on rare occasions only) and it's probably a good thing because I would probably have to buy one of everything in the store! The boy works very close to their Bligh St store and he picked these up for me yesterday as he had to work in the morning. YAY!

Lime truffles

These lime truffles are described as "a burst of lime white chocolate covered with roasted coconut" and they taste soooooooooooooo good. I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate - I prefer dark - but these are fantastic!

Lime truffles
Delicious centre! Please excuse the crappy lighting.

So after the boy finished work we went on our annual excursion to the Supanova pop culture convention at Olympic Park and I stumbled across the Shiseido warehouse sale. I picked up a few items for myself and my mum and aunty. This has got to be the worst I have ever been at sticking to a shopping ban LOL. I blame end of financial year sales!! Plus I am an absolute sucker for warehouse sales, I am one of those girls who will line up 2hours early to grab a bargain ;) Pictured below is what I bought for myself.


I'm a Shiseido noob so I thought this was the perfect time to try them out at a fraction of the cost! I went late in afternoon just before they closed so didn't get much time to browse through everything. It was a pretty darn good warehouse sale! Prices started at $5 and there were tons of lip products to choose from; HEAPS of very heavily discounted skincare products; some eyeliners and shadows and foundations and powders. If I was a devotee of Shiseido I would have gone nuts like other women there who were buying LOADS of stuff - literally bucketfuls of stuff. I limited myself to some lippies, a lipgloss, a lipliner and White Lucent brightening set. I also picked up 1 or 2 items that I may use for a future giveaway ;)

Shiseido White Lucent Immediate Brightening Set:

Shiseido White Lucent brightening set

This came with a 15ml tube of the Concentrated Brightening Serum and also 3 sheets of the Intensive Brightening Mask.

Shiseido Lip liner pencil in no.9 Red Rouge:

Shiseido lip liner red rouge

Nice smooth red lipliner to use with my NYX lippie in Snow White!

Shiseido Lipgloss in G28 Polished Pearl:

Shiseido lip gloss G28

Really pretty clear gloss loaded with heaps of silver shimmer. The sales girl said she uses it to add shimmer to eye makeup too which I will have to try!

Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick in SL 1, SL 12 and SL 5:

Shiseido shimmering lipsticks

SL 1 is a nude colour and SL 12 is a coral-y colour and SL 5 (lying down) is a really pretty pink. I can't wait to try these out!

SL 5 didn't come in a box and only came with a plastic lid as I believe it's a brand new tester because it's got a plastic thingy on the bottom with the shade. No biggie but kinda annoying to cart around as you can see below. Will just have to swap the lip from the others I guess!


Hopefully I'll get time to try these out soon. What do you ladies recommend from Shiseido?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and has a great start to the week! Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE!


  1. Those lipsticks are gorgeous. :)

  2. Chocolate truffles from Shisedo?! that's interesting! altho I dun own any products from Shishedo so far, I am gotta do an inspired look from a Shishedo magazine commercial on one of my videos with my own products in hand

  3. how lucky you are! fun stuff to try!

  4. OMG..Those truffles are to die for. I have absolutely no experiences when it comes to Shiseido. I'll look forward to your review on those products. Have fun!
    Visit me @

  5. Uwaaa, such an awesome Shiseido haul. I love their products. Nars and Shiseido are my favourite brands for facial care goods and make-up.
    I'm sure you won't be dissapointed :)

  6. Whaaaaa! Shiseido warehouse sale! I'm jealousss! I need to go to Australia and hang out with you b/c you always happen to stumble across good deals! I really like the colors of the lipsticks! You should show pictures of what the colors look like! I wonder how the nude color looks b/c I've been looking for a great nude color. :) ps. the truffles look sooooo good!

  7. yummy truffles!! :)
    and nice shiseido buys, def wish we had that sale over here! :)
    i love the lippie colors darl :)


  8. @Ansa: Thanks! I always seem to choose similar colours though for some reason =p

    @Ronnie: LOL they would be some nice truffles! Cool can't wait to see your vid Ronnie.

    @Jbrobeck: I don't have enough time to try out all the stuff I've purchased lately. But lots of fun indeed!

    @PetiteLittleGirl: They are seriously very very good and I only have 5 left =S What to do!

  9. @Cel: Good to hear! I haven't tried Nars either as it's heaps expensive here but I'll make sure I do when I next go overseas.

    @Alice: LOL I think the grass is always greener! I'm totally envious of you guys in the States. You are most welcome to come hang out with me down under!! I like to bargain hunt =p I hate paying retail for stuff unless I really have to!
    No worries I'll swatch the colours very soon!

    @Cecilia: I didn't see the sale advertised anywhere so it may come to Melb. I should have asked if it was going anywhere else or if they would do it again later in the year because they still had a TON of stuff left. DOH!

  10. Hi Chelle,

    I know what you mean about sales, I was on a no-buy until I heard about the one day sale they had at Napoleon Makeup on Friday just gone. It was 20-70% off everything. I went a little bit nuts.


  11. i hv that Shiseido Lipgloss in G28 Polished Pearl!! ><
    but idk i dont like it hehehe
    u have great haul.. i wannnaaa try that truffless soo much hehe
    swacth swatch for lipstick please :D

  12. Those lipsticks are gorgeous! I love the pinks.. they are so lovely.

    Hvae followed you. havea great day 'chelle.


  13. @Rebecca: Oh I heard about that sale!! 20-70% is awesome! Glad you got some good bargains =)

    @ipehishere: That's a shame. How come you don't like it?? I'll swatch the lippies very soon! I'm sick atm and not really up for doing much =( Thanks for stopping by!

    @Lisa: Thank you!


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