Mega nail haul!!

I am trying my best to complete a 9000 word research paper by the 1st week of June AND still concentrate with all the crap that’s going on at work so I most likely won’t be posting as frequently until after June. I had a big nail haul this week (for me anyways) and I wanted to share =) I will be doing reviews and manicures with all these products after my paper is completed!

1st off I received a few Konad items I purchased from OC nailart last week. I purchased the Coraline II kit which includes plates C02, C03, C04 and C06; 3 full size Special polishes in Psyche Pink, Yellow and Blue Pearl and custom purple stamper and metal scraper. I can’t wait to try this out!


I also purchased some Konad polishes as I find they do work the best. I got Special polish in Red and Princess polishes in Violet pearl; White and Pop Green.


I will definitely be purchasing again from OC nail art. The delivery was very speedy considering delivery from the States is notoriously slow and the best part was postage is FREE over $40!!! Also the customer service is fantastic – I got a personalised message from most probably Kathleen the owner =)


I should have been buckling down and writing my paper on my day off yesterday but instead I took a little break and headed to my local nail supply shop as I haven’t been there in more than a month. I am seriously addicted to nail polish and makeup and skincare! I felt such an urge to buy nail polish and was having major withdrawal symptoms from not going to the nail supply shop for so long! I usually go fortnightly =p Unfortunately the new China Glaze and Orly collections aren’t available yet.

I purchased 3 polishes from the OPI Hong Kong collection – Jade is the New Black; Dim Sum Plum and Meet Me on the Star Ferry. I have been way behind with this range. When it 1st came out I wasn’t really fussed but then I started seeing swatches and I just fell in love. I had to limit myself to only 3 polishes for the time being.

OPI HK collection

I also bought Essie Overnight; Baby Cakes and Moon Struck. I just love all of Essie’s pretty pastels and sweet colours.


I purchased China Glaze Strawberry Fields and IV. I am always amazed at all the China Glaze colours and usually spend 15mins or more just trying to figure out which ones I want!

CG Strawberry Fields and IV

Last but not least I finally found Sinful Colors in Sydney!!!! I had gone to all the Reject Shops in my local and surrounding area without success. However I was in Broadway shopping centre last week and passed this “Global Brands” stall in the middle of the centre – you know the temporary stalls that sell discounted items? Well I was heading to the carpark and I had to do a double take when I saw a whole stand full of Sinful Colours polishes! I only purchased Frenzy and Fiji but am now regretting it. I’m planning to head there after work tomorrow before I go to class to see if they are still there to stock up on more!

Sinful Colors Frenzy and Fiji

What have you hauled this week?

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  1. Awesome haul. Can't wait to see your Konading. Great polishes,

  2. Can't wait to see the review of the coraline plates :)

  3. That is a a lot of polish! :D I have all those colors from OPI's Hong Kong set. :))))

    Can't wait for your reviews!

    Good luck on that paper, I also have a proposal to write. :( I'm on hiatus now...*sighs*

  4. @Susie: I want your collection of Konad special polishes! Seeing all your lovely colours made me order mine =)

    @puranki: I can't wait to try out the Coraline plates! I'll post up reviews as soon as I can

    @Alice: Your manicure using Meet Me on the Star Ferry made me take a look up swatches!! I have you to thank for my lemming of this collection LOL. Good luck to you too!

  5. Isn't it awful when you see others goodies and it makes you buy? LOL.
    It happens to me all the time,

  6. China Glaze IV is such a pretty peachy colour, have yu done any swatches ??


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