Essie Baby Cakes floral NOTD + my favourite Vietnamese food

Here I am procrastinating again by blogging =p This is a NOTD I did a few days ago but am still wearing using one of the Essie polishes from my mega nail haul 2 weeks ago.
Essie Baby Cakes is a very pretty, light lavender colour with shimmer. I found the 1st coat streaky while 2 coats is opaque, but 3 coats is needed for a perfect finish.

Essie "Baby Cakes"

I then added flowers from GCOCL F01 plate using Konad Violet pearl topped with a thick coat of Seche Vite.


GCOCL plate FO1

I haven’t posted many food adventures lately as I haven’t been eating out that much lately. But earlier in the week I went for some Vietnamese food at 2 of my favourite places. Pho Anh in Bankstown is a fast food noodle restaurant specialising in delicious Vietnamese noodle soups. You go to your table; order your noodles as you sit down and the noodles come to the table within 3 minutes. Literally!

Pho Tai from Pho Anh
Pho tai (Rare beef noodle soup)

They do one of the best Pho as the broth is just SO DAMN GOOD. The secret ingredient is dried sandworm apparently ;) I usually order a small pho tai and if I’m extra hungry extra meatballs to go with it. It's great all year round but it's especially nice on a cold winter day, it just warms you right up!

One of my other favourite Vietnamese restaurants is Bau Truong in Cabramatta. It’s tasty, relatively cheap, and is always reliable. I love the bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake) which is a savoury pancake filled with fatty pork, prawn (shrimp) and bean sprouts which you dip in nuoc nam sauce. It’s nice and crispy on the outside and then you get all the wonderful textures inside.

Banh Xeo from Bau Truong
Bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake)

I can’t remember the exact name of the dish that the boy had, but essentially it was prawn crackers topped with rice noodles and grilled beef and lots of herbs. Very yummy!!

Beef crackers from Bau Truong

Thanks for looking! =)


  1. That is one gorgeous manicure.

  2. omg that food looks so good! im into like asian noodle soups and stuff but i feel like such a noob when i go to those restaurants on my own!!
    lucky i have an asian bf :P
    and i always get my asian friends to come with me cos they always know the best restaurants to go to, hahah :)

  3. simply gorgeous! i like the color of essie on your nails!
    and the food looks delicious!

  4. Hi `chelle, greeting from Finland :) you have very nice blog and I love your nail design :)

  5. @Susie: Thanks Susie!

    @Krissy: Awwww don't feel like a noob! I'm sure you manage fine =) but I know what you mean though because I feel exactly the same way in some asian restaurants too even though I'm asian! I usually see what other people are having and if lots of people are having the same dish it must be worth ordering =p

    @Mae: Thanks Mae =) Essie make such pretty colours! I'm hungry looking at my pics again LOL.

    @Charming Nails: Hello from Sydney! Thankyou for the lovely comment =)

  6. Wow, I really like that color! I've been looking for a lilac looking color like that! :)

    I love Vietnamese food, you're making me hungry now! :D

  7. i love this nail colour! i'm really into pastel and lavender colours lately :)

    THANK YOU for the blog award!! you are so sweet and always leave the nicest feedback. thanks again dear! <33

  8. @Lily nail: Thankyou!

    @Alice: You should definitely try get your hands on baby cakes, it's very pretty in real life. You can't really see it in the photos but it's got lovely shimmer in it.

    Hope school is going ok for you =)

    @Anita: I love pastels too! But applying them sometimes can be a bit tricky boo.

  9. Two good points for this post: That color is just gorgeous. And I wanna try Viet food someday! Looks delish!

  10. @Nikki: Viet food is so tasty and healthy, you should definitely try it!

    Thankyou for stopping by and commenting =) It's always lovely to hear from a fellow nurse!!

  11. i love pho. omg. my favourite bun is actually bun mum. LOL.


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