Assignment & exams = stress = impulse buying

Hi ladies! The last 2 weeks have been so intense as its end of semester which means assessment time. It’s been SO crazy! Unfortunately I haven’t had a real chance to blog or do manicures but I’ll get back into it very soon. Since I’ve been really stressed out I’ve been buying a few things here and there lately which is really bad I know, but considering I’ve been working my butt off at both work and uni I thought BUGGER IT I’ll get what I want! =p

YSL Rouge Volupte in no. 1. I have been lemming this absolutely gorgeous shade for the longest time and Myer Sydney finally got it back in stock a while ago! It goes on like a dream and the colour is just beautiful.

YSL rouge volupte no.1

A few items from Essie which I’ve been lemming for quite a while – The Spring collection, Sweet time of the year and Wicked and Matte about you duo. I’ve been after a matte topcoat for soooo long!

Essie Spring collection

Essie sweet time of the year

Essie Wicked Matte About You duo

My 1st Nubar polish:

Nubar Rose

My 1st Zoya polish:

Zoya Glimmer

Some things that the boy very sweetly purchased for me – 3 more polishes from the OPI HK collection; some China Glaze goodies and Bundle Monster plates!! YAY.



Bundle Monster plates

A few Sinful Colors - you gotta love cheap and cheerful.


Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat. The lovely Asami did a review of it here and I’ve been looking for it everywhere since her really positive review in March. I could only ever find the old packaging though but after stalking Kmart, Target, Priceline etc. for what seems like forever I finally found it at Kmart for $13! I’ve seen it elsewhere too now but it’s cheapest at Kmart for any Aussie ladies who might be interested.

Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat

Sadly I don't have time to use anything yet so it's all just sitting in my room at the moment, pleading with me to finish my assessments already so I can try them all out. Off to finish my paper now!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. I'm so glad you found the reformulated version, (new packaging) of Acrylic Strong! Please tell me how you like it! I am still using it with every manicure.

  2. Oh, and thank you truly for the mention. I do appreciate links very much. You are wonderful. :-)

  3. Oh, AND I really look forward to seeing Zoya Glimmer! Looks like it would either be a delight for adding shimmer to creme shades or a fantastic French manicure polish.

  4. Oh , After I saw ....

    wow.... I get it well soon.

    thank you for sharing.

  5. I loved those essie nail colors and that YSL lipstick looks amazing!

    Btw your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  6. Wow. I must say you really splurged! :) I always find myself shopping during times of stress. It is a great cure. ;D.

    You should send some of those colors over here if you can't use them all. hehe

    Good luck on your paper!

  7. Hi I live in Australia as well so thanks for the info on Nailene :) When my current top coat runs out I shall definitely try it!

    Btw I have a question... where do you purchase all your nail polish from? I'm from Sydney as well and its so hard to come across Essies, Nubar and the like anywhere T_T Thanks!

  8. @Asami: You create so many lemmings for me! After reading your great review I just had to get it because as much as Seche Vite works for me it's not holy grail material due to tip pull etc. I'll definitely let you know how I go with it!

    You're very welcome! I absolutely adore your blog and your manicures (and in turn you! =p)! Thankyou so your support for my blog and your wonderful comments, I really appreciate it =)

    Yep I bought Zoya Glimmer mainly to try as a French manicure polish. I can't wait to try it!

  9. @IGal: You should definitely try the YSL Rouge Volupte, it's so gorgeous and luxurious.

    Thankyou so much! I'm glad you like my little blog =) I've just followed your blog too, it's a great read!

  10. @Alice: Yeah me bad =( but shopping is just the best stress reliever ever. And online shopping is just EVIL. It is far too easy to order things from the comfort of my own room and then have things delivered to my door!

    We should do a swap later when we both aren't as busy! I'd love to send you some Aussie polishes =)

  11. @Anonymous: Nice to hear from a fellow Sydneysider!

    Yeah it's impossible to find polishes in Sydney! Unfortunately I have to resort to buying my polishes online since nothing is available in Aus =( There are online stores like Transdesign and 8ty8 but I usually purchase from Ebay. Try Fantastic customer service, fast and reasonable shipping and very well packaged. They sell Nubar, Zoya, Essie, China Glaze, OPI etc and the range is pretty extensive. I'm in no way affiliated with them, just a happy customer =)

    Alot of nail gurus don't like purchasing from ebay but I find it's a cheap and and easy option for me to get polishes.

    Hope that helps you!

  12. OMG, that's a haulage:D great polishes and plates you've got here! hope you'll find time to swatch them soon:) I'm pretty busy too these day, well again:( can't wait for the holidays to come!

  13. @Konadomania: I'm on a shopping ban now!! Way too much haulage =p I hope I can swatch them all soon too! Good luck with school!


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