Orly Once Upon A Time NOTD fail

Hello ladies!!
How has everyone’s week been? I am mightily relieved because I have completed and submitted 2 assignments this week! YAY!! So I thought I would celebrate by trying out 2 new polishes I purchased from Orly’s Once Upon A Time collection. Click the pic below to see the colours and fashion inspirations for the collection.

I saw these a while back and fell in love with each and every colour. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and the names are wonderful – Think Prince Charming, Enchanted Forest etc. They also come with a charm to correspond with the colour name, how awesome is that! Plus I love fairytales and when I see the colours I think Snow White I only purchased Happily Ever After and Mirror Mirror even though I wanted the whole collection which is unusual for me but I just love this collection. However I had self crontol and only purchased 2 =(

Orly Happily Ever After & Mirror Mirror

Orly Happily Ever after & Mirror Mirro

Orly Happily Ever After is described as a "deep berry creme" and is my current favourite! It's a dark berry colour with little flecks of purple and blue shimmer which is just gorgeous. The shimmer is subtle but in direct light it just pops. It was very smooth to apply and was opaque in 2 coats.

Orly Mirror Mirror (accent nail above) is described as a "creamy grey neutral". In real life it's a light grey colour and is a nice grey to add to my collection as my 1st grey polish. It was a little streaky on the 1st coat but the 2nd coat smoothed it right out. I was wary of Mirror Mirror after reading reviews but I didn't experience any lumps or bumps. I'm trying really hard to fight the urge to buy the other colours but I think I may give in soon!

Here's a close-up of Happily Ever After so you can see the flecks of shimmer:

Orly Happily Ever After
Geez this pic makes my finger look really wrinkly!! I did just get out of a long shower though o_O

Now we come to the fail part of this NOTD. I wanted to do a fairytale manicure and konad the stars design using China Glaze Passion and GCOCL plate K05. For some reason it just would not behave and it refused to pick up the stars so I swtiched to the heart design on GCOCL plate A01 because happily ever after means eternal love etc etc. Because I haven't used plate A01 before I had to peel the plastic film off and I cut myself on the edge of the plate!!! F@#$ it was sharp! And it wasn't even the corner of the plate! The moral of my pain is to please be careful when peeling the plastic off your new plates.

Then to top it off I just could not get the placement right and smudged a few nails. Oh well, here is my attempt below and please excuse the bandaid on my rude finger!

Fairytale manicure

Lastly I'll leave you with today's afternoon tea which happens to be one of my favourite foods - pacific oysters - which my fab mum thoughtfully brought home as I'd been busy finishing my assignment!

Pacific Oysters

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  1. Wow, I really like the manicure. :) That sucks that you got cut though...they shouldn't even be selling that product if it's so frigging sharp! That's dangerous!

    Gosh, oysters scare me because of how huge they are! I can eat clams and mussel are pushing it, but oysters are a definite no for me. I'm sure they are good though. :)

    btw, I will try to post pictures of the konad plates! I've been so busy with school lately. :(

  2. @Alice: Thanks Alice! =) The mani didn't last very long though because we're moving premises at work so I chipped them all unpacking boxes and setting up computers haha.

    Yeah I couldn't believe it! But the plates are so good the cut was worth it! Now I'm just super careful when handling them.

    I think oysters are an acquired taste, I didn't really like them until I'd left school. How big are the ones you have in LA??

    Good luck with school atm! I'm eagerly awaiting your konad posts =D

  3. ...do I smell a lawsuit?

    Jk, but wow, sorry you cut your finger!
    Your nails look great though.

  4. @ChaosButterfly: LOL I didn't even think of that! It was probably my fault as I can be a total klutz sometimes!

    Thankyou for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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