Last November when I was in Hongkong visiting family, I ummmed and ahhed about getting coloured contact lens that are all the rage in Asia worn by Kawaii stars and everyday girls who want the "doll" look. I already wear contacts so it was no big deal but I wondered about the safety and comfort of the lens etc. I decided to just go for it! because I think the Kawaii/Gyaru look is gorgeous and bought myself 2 pairs of Geo Circle colour lens.

Geo lens
Geo Circle lens

What the company says:
"Magic Color Soft Contact Lens
GEO Magic Color soft contact lens provides variety of design patterns and colors to meet the needs of global customers both of Western and Oriental.
These lenses will present you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes of which you can be proud." - LOVE the engrish!! =p

I got 2 pairs - a grey pair and a green pair (as pictured). I purchased them from one of the many sellers from the CTMA Centre in Mongkok. CTMA Centre is one of the MUST shop places everytime for me and the boy when we visit HK each year. For him it's for the hobby stuff while I go for the little shops filled with boxes containing all sorts of beauty products and knick knacks.

The pair below are from the "Angel colour" range in CM-833. I haven't opened these ones yet (only my grey ones) but I wanted to show you guys how they're packaged. I can't remember the price I got them for exactly but they set me back only about $100Hk (about $13Aus at the time) or 2 for $160Hk (about $22 at the time)+ free contact lens case for each pair I THINK . Please excuse the poor memory! But nonetheless they were a steal compared to the ridiculous prices I have seen around Sydney - $40 or something a pair at one place in Chinatown and $35 from Asianfashioncity site!!

Geo lens 2

The pair below are what I've been wearing and they're from the "Magic colour 3-tone" range in CM -901. Before wearing them, you need to get rid of the solution the lens come in and soak the lens in regular contact lens solution for about 6hrs. I soaked them overnight just to be safe.

Grey Geo lens

The contacts are pretty comfy to wear and feel just like normal soft contact lens. You can still see my natural eye colour with the lens on though. Do they make my eyes look bigger??


Now I was told by the sales girl when I bought them that the lens last about 6 months, however on Asianfashioncity they say they can last for 1yr. I am very sceptical about them lasting 1yr. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not an optometrist - these contacts may very well be made of some super special material allowing them to last a year however I doubt that. I've worn soft contacts for more than 5yrs now and soft contacts usually need to be changed every month.

I know that with Orthokeratology(Ortho K) though where you wear hard contact lens, that they can last more than 2yrs with special care as my sister has had this treatment for 8+yrs. I will most likely wear these until they feel uncomfortable and then try my green ones out!

My face of the day (FOTD) yesterday where you can see the Geo lens better:

Grey Geo lens FOTD

To see the full range of Geo lens click here. I know next time I visit HK i will be purchasing other colours if not ALL! I regret not buying more when I was over there. I think they're a great way of achieving the "doll" look and it's a different way of accessorising in a sense. Plus I think they look great!

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  1. Hope u had a fabulous Easter break! I too am obsessed with Geo lenses at the moment - i love the Angel coloured ones - I have a purple pair of those that I think look fantastic although the new Mr Kitty thinks that they look freaky! lol I also got a pair of circle ones although I think they make me look more alien rather than doll-like! hehehe

  2. @misskitty: I got my assignment all done and then enjoyed myself =) I hope yours was fab too!

    Oooh purple sounds lovely! I bet they look great on you, don't worry what he says ;) but yes they can make you look a bit freaky depending on the colours!

  3. hey, i live in hong kong and i'm wondering which little store in CTMA Centre do they sell the lenses? btw they loook great on you!

  4. @Eliza: I'm envious that you live in HK! I'd love to live there =)

    There are loads of stores in CTMA which sell them but the particular store I bought them from is one level down from street level I think. I can't remember exactly what it looked like from the outside but it's pretty much one of the 1st stores as you get off the escalator.

    Apologies that I can't be more specific - I went in November 2009 and all the stores look the same and sell similar stuff! The sales girl was very made up (full makeup and styled hair) and was super helpful.

    Hope that helps you! Thanks for stopping by =)

  5. thanks 'chelle! :) i'm so glad i found this blog, it helps a lot!

    do you usually get them as soon as you buy them? and they are authentic geo lens yeah? :s

  6. @Eliza: No worries, you're most welcome =)

    They had the colours that I wanted in stock so I got them straight away. If they didn't I would assume you could give them your phone number to call you when they get them in stock.

    As for authenticity, I'm pretty sure they are real. I haven't had any problems with mine so far and I've been wearing them for a few months now. They should come with an authenticity sticker also.

  7. Oh okay, cool. They come in prescription too hopefully. I'm planning to go there tomorrow. :) thanks SO much


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