Easter sugar overload on cupcakes and churros!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter long weekend! Yesterday the boy and I were in the north shore area so we took the opportunity to visit Chatswood and have lunch and do some shopping. We had a quick lunch at one of the Chinese restaurants and headed to Westfield to do some quick browsing. I haven't been to Chatswood in ages and boy has it changed! Alot of new shops have opened up including one of my favourites Cupcakes on Pitt which I discovered in Westfield.

I absolutely love love LOVE cupcakes and I haven't had one in well over 2-3months, since before I started my blog! I can't believe this is only my 1st post about cupcakes! But I just haven't had time to bake any or cart any home so I greedily jumped at the opportunity to get some yesterday.


The size of their cupcakes were alot bigger a few years ago but they still hit the spot even though they're gone in 2 mouthfuls. They're visually pleasing and come in an assortment of flavours like peppermint; rocky road; lemon meringue; cheesecake and they put out seasonal ones too for Easter and Xmas etc. I've found on occasions when buying from the Pitt St store in the city that the cupcakes can be a bit hit and miss sometimes as they can be a bit dry, but these ones were lovely and moist. I got 6 cupcakes and I'll let the pics speak for themselves =)


Continuing with the sugarfest, I've wanted to try San Churro in Westfield many times as it's on the same level as Kam Fook Chinese restaurant where we like to go for yumcha given the chance (which isn't often).


I LOVE churros but I've found them difficult to find in Sydney just as a snack. Some Spanish restaurants have them on the dessert menu but they aren't always available plus after Tapas it's hard to fit anything else in! There used to be a little churros place on top of Market City but they closed down not long after opening =(

Fondue for Two

We got the Fondue for Two to share and it did not dissapoint! It came with 6 mini churros; little bowls of strawberries, bananas, caramel popcorn and chopped peanuts; 2 brownies; pretzels and marshmallows with a pot of melted chocolate to cover everything in. San Churro reminded me alot of Max Brenner but with a Spanish twist. And I just discovered on their website that they have a store in Glebe!

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  1. WOW those cupcakes look amazinggg!!! i'm so hungry noww!

  2. @princess: The cupcakes at Cupcakes on Pitt always look awesome!! You should see their display when it's full of delicious cupcakes *drool*


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