New hair colour

Hey ladies!
This is just a quick post about my new colour. I got my hair cut and coloured on Wednesday night even though I should have been doing readings doh! I never really get anything new with my cut, just a regular trim and reshaping of my layers. I've been going to my hairdresser for something like 10yrs now and she just knows I'll say "just a trim and reshape the fringe" LOL which is why I play around with my colours.


I get 1/2 a head of foils and lately I've been sporting copper and red foils but this time I went for a lighter brown.

Sorry for the dodgy photo!! Can you see the lighter foils on top?

I'm loving it =)

I'll post more over the weekend as I just recieved my Konad haul from!

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  1. I like the color you choose for your highlights.

    Everybody is getting a prespring haircut. I need one too.

  2. Thanks Meme! It's nice to get pampered at the hairdressers =)


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