New domain name and post-test hauls!

Hey guys!
Just wanted to let you know that I have a new domain name given to me as an early birthday present from my thoughtful bf =D You can still access me via the usual blogspot url but it's now much easier!

I decided to do some celebratory retail therapy at lunch today after a brain draining 4 days at uni. My subject was an "intensive" unit which meant the subject was condensed into 4days instead of spread out over 13weeks and it sure meant intensive - I had 11hrs of classes yesterday! I headed over to Broadway at after my test for some rather well deserved lunch and a bit of shopping.

I picked up a pair of adorable japanese kimmi-ish doll tweezers from a little stand that sold all sorts of adorable stuff like cupcake lipbalms, pjs, coin purses etc. These also came in black, green, blue and pink but the yellow was most striking. I have yet to try them out but even if they're crap at least it's cute!

Kimmi tweezers
L - front of tweezers. R - back of tweezers. Please excuse my unmanicured hands =(

I have far too many pairs of earrings but I can't resist cute studs and I just HAD to have these that I found at Diva:

Sweets earrings

Cupcakes!! Lollipops!! Sweets!! "These are a few of my favourite things...". I 1st began wearing cute/interesting studs when I used to work on the wards as it was the only way to jazz up a boring nursing uniform! Now I work in an outpatient unit I don't need to wear a uniform but because it's still a health environment I think cute studs are the way to go=p

I wanted to mention that Sportsgirl (the one at Broadway anyway) is having a big sale on most makeup items. I saw the bronzers, brushes, pencil and liquid eyeliners, eyeshadows and all night fighter all reduced by about 40%. Get in while it lasts!

As I've mentioned before I love all types of sweets and today I picked up Junior caramels and Junior mints, a steal at $2 from Go-Lo!! I prefer Junior mints but chocolate is chocolate *greedy grin*

Junior caramels and mints
Oops I left the price tag on!

I picked up some skincare stuff the other day at Chemist Warehouse which I will do a review for some time soon. I'm a Clinique 3-step girl at heart however due to different reasons (mainly financial) I'm phasing out my 3-step routine and trying some drugstore brands. To start off with I'm running out of Clinique Superdefence and also Super city block and I currently don't feel like paying $90Aus for it! I normally buy my skincare products from Hongkong so it is considerably cheaper however I'm sure drugstore brands will do the exact same job.

From L-R: Nivea Visage Young Be beautiful tinted moisturiser, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen and Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser

I picked up Nivea Visage Young Be beautiful tinted moisturiser, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen and Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser. Reviews shortly!

Annnnnnnnd my bf also gave me a Kimmi junior pen as a early birthday gift which is just too adorable for words! I actually used to have hair exactly like this when I was 4!

Kimmi pen

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned!

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  1. Loving the domain name and the shiny new tweezers and earrings. :D The Kimmi junior pen is so cute! You had better not leave it lying around because it may just disappear. ;)

    By the way, can we start using the Cetaphil yet? I want to try it. I've heard lots of people say it's good...

  2. Thanks Mel! Lol you'd better not steal it!

    Yes you can. I've heard lots of good things about it too!


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