Fauxnad haul and new headband

I went to Rhodes yesterday to check out the sale at Ikea and chanced upon a little nail stall at the quieter end of the centre. It mainly sold nail stickers, polishes (OPI was only $15.95), acrylic nails and hair accessories. Of course I couldn't resist checking it out! I was only half heartedly looking as I have way too many nail stickers already when I noticed these for only $5 each:


My latest nail obsession is Konad so I couldn't resist purchasing the 2 image plates above especially at only $5! They had quite a few other designs but I recently placed at order at Wowsocool and also for the GCOCL plates on Ebay so I limited myself. I believe these plates are what the nail gurus call "fauxnad" plates.

Back of plate - no Konad label even though package says Konad

m14 comparison
Comparison with Konad plate m14

m16 comparison
Comparison with Konad plate m16

They've got no label on the back which is great because it'll make cleaning up so much easier! The m14-like plate is exactly the same except for the fact that it's labelled "b10" not "m14". The m16-like plate is pretty much identical except for 1 different design at the top and the labelling. I also had to peel a layer of plastic off 1st. I'm very happy with this purchase and I can't wait to try it out! I'll post up designs as I do them =)

I also hauled a cute headband too:

The nail stall is located opposite Target on the ground level of Rhodes Shopping Centre.

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  1. Stamping plates for $5! That's a great deal! Plus that B10 looks identical to the Konad one anyway. :)

  2. I was very excited when I saw them! Such a steal as Konad plates retail for $10 here in Aus


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