Retail therapy works a treat

Last week was a particularly tough week at work for me so I decided to take a half day ADO (Allocated Day Off) and do a little bit of retail therapy at my local Westfields for a very mini but nonetheless mood lifting haul.

I think cheap and cheerful finds are always good to lift your mood! At Sportsgirl I purchased a pearl and rose bracelet which was $19.95.

Sportsgirl Pearl and rose bracelet
Pearl and rose bracelet

I also purchased Sportsgirls All Night Fighter - under eye brightner, a steal at just $12.95.


All night Fighter - under eye brightner

I normally use MAC Select Moisturecover for under eye circles etc but I thought I would give this a go for times when i don't need to look my absolute stunning best (HA!) such as for work. The applicator is a bit annoying to use so i just blend with my ring finger or if I have time with a concealer brush. Coverage is OK for me since my skin is very fair.

Swatched without blending

I would definitely repurchase All night fighter as a cheaper alternative to the higher end brands.

My last haul was clear tool box from Riot! Art and Craft. I've been searching everywhere for the perfect clear carry box to store all my nail stuff and I finally found it! I wanted a box that was clear, sturdy and with a large compartment on the bottom for polishes and a tray on the top to store odds and ends and most importantly within my $20 budget. After searching high and low in the dollar shops, Target and Kmart I thought I would try my luck at Riot!. Here's what I found:
Nail storage 1

Nail storage 2

It's large enough down the bottom for all my polishes and nail art polishes too and the top holds all nail related bits and pieces perfectly. Annnnd it was only $19.99!

How do you store all your nail supplies?


  1. Hi Chelle! I love your blog so far! This toolbox is way fantastic - I have nail paraphanalia scattered all over my house atm and really should think about getting one of these (: Looking forward to reading more of your posts soon!

  2. Thankyou for stopping by *misskitty*! I'm glad you enjoy reading my humble little blog =)

    I just got so sick of wrecking my nails looking for other colours. I really recommend one of these, it's called a "craft toolbox" or something. Well worth it!


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