Hi ladies! Apologises for the lack of updates but I've been busy preparing to start uni next week. I have all these readings to do before Tuesday! I'm going to be pretty busy for the next 2 months or so as I'm studying fulltime (3 subjects) while still working fulltime so my posts most likely won't be as frequent =( but I will endeavour to post as much as possible of course especially when procrastinating hehe.

Well I have now officially entered the addictive world of Konad! After work on Wednesday I purchased a kit containing 2 plates, 3 special 5ml polishes, stamp and scraper and also a liquid pump dispenser (not part of the kit). It would have been cheaper to purchase them on Ebay through seller jr8686 but you don’t get to choose the plates and I didn’t particularly want the ones in the kits.

Konad haul

I got plates m36 and m59 to start off with and polishes in black, white and purple. I also got a konad 2 way nail buffer thrown in for free too. My 1st attempt with the black polish failed abysmally as I didn’t scrape the polish away properly and the black just got everywhere! So I gave up with the black and tried the white instead. The white polish turned out much better, at least you could tell what the design was supposed to be! I feel like such a noob but here is my 1st attempt and just experimenting with the colours:
1st attempt!
Not so good 1st attempt!

How much polish do you need to put on the plate ladies? I think I may be putting too much because it didn’t all scrape away cleanly like in the how to video.. I tried CG Ruby pumps with the plates and I thought it worked way better than the special polishes! I’m dying to try out some more designs and with other polishes. What plates do you have and what do you recommend?

I tried out a new(ish) little Japanese restaurant opposite Capitol square last week that I've been wanting to try for a while. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place but it's on the corner opposite Umi and Harry's Pies. They have alot of bento boxes which I like as they have something of everything. I got the wagyu beef bento which included: 2 wagyu beef skewers, salad, seaweed salad, 2 takoyaki, 2 grilled cheese sausage (YUM!) and rice. The boy got the grilled lamb cutlet bento which included : 3 lamb cutlets (YUM!), salad, seaweed salad, soft shell crab, 2 takoyaki and rice. Each bento was only about $16 so quite reasonable and it was very filling.

Wagyu beef bento
Wagyu beef bento

Grilled lamb chop bento
Grilled lamb cutlet bento

I've been totally procrastinating tonight so I thought I would make ruby grapefruit iced tea. It's made with just ruby red grapefruit juice, earl grey tea and some sugar and I add some fresh (or frozen) berries to garnish. It's delicious and really refreshing!

Ruby grapefruit iced tea

Back to study now! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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  1. I admit, Konading takes practice. It took me awhile to get a "perfect" image. I usually used a fair amount like the video. I noticed its how you scrape it.

  2. super cute blog! i just stumbled upon it :) all the food looks absolutely delicious!

    - angie


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