Help for Haiti parcels

I love parcels!!!Left parcel from England and the right parcel from The Netherlands.

Yesterday my little sis and I recieved 2 parcels in the mail that we had gotten from the Livejournal Help for Haiti Auction. It involved bidding on items from all around the world that people put up for auction with the winners donating the amount to a specified charity to help Haiti. My sis "won" 2 packages - one from England and one from the Netherlands.

Inside the English package

I am a HUGE fan of sweets and in particular British sweets - sherbet lemons, flying saucers, wine gums, fruit gums you name it i love it! This box contained some quintessential British choccies and biscuits and some really cute candles too.

Inside the Dutch package

British stuff is pretty readily available (thought pretty pricey) in Sydney so my sis and I were really excited to open the Dutch package. The girl who organised it was so sweet and thoughtful as she handwrote little notes on every single item explaining what the item was and if it was a food item how to eat it etc.


She included SO much stuff in the package it must have taken us at least an hour to go through everything! There were Dutch sweets, mints, pancake mix, biscuits, waffles, chocolate, nougat, postcards and clogs. We can't wait to try everything but then again everything is just so special we want to save it =p

British sweets are available in Sydney from shops like Treats from Home and The British Lolly shop but they charge quite steeply for this privilge. That's why I was totally shocked and totally excited when I saw Chewits and Maynards winegums on sale for only $1 (!!!!) at Go-Lo today at Broadway.


The packaging of the winegums is different to the red packaging I'm used to but the winegums taste similar. The chewits are exactly the same but waaaaaay cheaper. Score! I didn't get enough time to see if they had any other sweets of interest because the textbooks I'd hiked out to get were weighing me down but next time i will ;)

Last night I made pizzas for dinner with lebanese bread which is quick and easy and (what I like to think!)a healthier option to normal pizza. It was yummy!


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  1. How lovely! I adore trying candy from different countries.
    When my boyfriend and I travelled through Europe we trialled Mars Bars from every country. Turns out Germany has the best!
    That pizza looks divine too!

  2. Yummm, those gifts are so sweet and even better because it was for a good cause. the pizza looks delicious!!

  3. @Pepperandbaxter: I agree =) Ooooh good to know! I haven't been to Germany but I will definitely try mars bars when I'm there. Have you tried a deep fried mars bars? It's so good!

    @Meme: Thanks for visiting my blog!


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